AA Business Watch Out for these Common Degree Scams

“No studies, no attendance, no waiting, no examinations,” advertises an online university offering AA Business degrees, “Order now and get your degree in 5 days for as little as $199!” Sound too good to be true? It probably is. More than 30 fake universities are selling bogus degrees in the U.S. alone, in what amounts […]

A Quick Lesson On Object-Oriented Programming

The idea behind object-oriented programming (OOP) is that a computer program is seen as a collection of individual units (objects) that act on each other. The traditional view of programming is that a program is seen as a collection of functions or procedures, or as a list of instructions to the computer. In object-oriented programming, […]

A Paralegal Studies Degree Online

Early on in the 1960s, when the paralegal career first developed, the position of the paralegal was sort of an upgrade from a legal secretary. A paralegal was less of an office operations focused job, and not a clear profession. As the position took shape as the role of an “attorney’s assistant,” post-secondary educational programs […]

A Nursing Shortage

All over the U.S., the health care industry has reported a shortage in qualified nurses. Several online colleges and universities, such as The University of Phoenix, are trying to help by offering several health care and nursing degrees. The American Association of College of Nursing said that the in the U.S. alone, there could be […]

A Multitude of Computer Programming Languages

According to one online programming fanatic, there are 2500 computer programming languages in use today, by someone, somewhere. This article will stick to the languages that are in widespread use today which, by themselves, number perhaps a score or more and are difficult to separate and categorize anyway. As with many terms in the computer […]

A Multi-Purpose Degree – Bachelor’s in Business

College has evolved drastically over the past few decades. Studying liberal arts for four years is a thing of the past. Today’s college student is more likely to have given some thought to the purpose of his or her college education. That thought process may well conclude that an undergraduate degree has a far more […]

A Master’s Degree in Health Care Management

Individuals who have already started working in the health care industry often seek a master’s degree in health care management. These individuals choose programs that will qualify them to advance in their career. Sometimes, these individuals have temporary positions and they need certain credentials to become permanent, or they would like to move up in […]

A Master’s Degree in Business Administration

Considering a Master’s degree in Business Administration? Is a graduate degree in Business Administration a worthwhile investment? If you are considering furthering your career in the Business Administration field, part of your decision may be weighing the costs of pursuing such education with the long-term benefits. Students have countless opportunities and career options after obtaining […]

A Doctor of Business Administration Degree Unlocks the Door to the Global Economy

Do you want to become a senior leader in a management profession and thoroughly understand the global, market-based economy? Is your current management position unfulfilling and leading nowhere? The completion of a Doctor of Business Administration Degree (DBA) can provide you with a way to achieve different goals. The DBA degree offers the means to […]

A Day in the Life of an Online Masters Degree Student

Online education has been a game changer for many people who want to continue to work, but get an advanced degree. A master’s degree is considered by many people to be the new bachelor’s. It’s silly to think that nowadays a bachelor’s degree will set you apart. It simply doesn’t. That’s why many mid-career professionals […]