Getting Started With a Career in Business

Perhaps thirty years ago, a liberal arts bachelor’s degree was enough to draw consideration for at least an entry-level position in the business world. Fifteen years ago, the same level of graduate work was required to move up the ladder to any significant degree. Today, many undergraduates begin their freshman year thinking ahead to a […]

Getting an Associate’s Degree in Paralegal Studies

You may be able to find a position in a law office at some level with an associate’s degree in paralegal studies. With an associate’s degree, you will be exposed to general education classes that will improve your communication and writing skills, as well as help you feel more comfortable in a professional setting. An […]

Getting a Paralegal Degree Online

Approximately 85% of all paralegals have some form of post-secondary education, even though it is not always required. Associate’s and bachelor’s degree programs in paralegal studies are more common than master’s degree programs in paralegal studies. A majority of institutions only offer up to the bachelor’s level in this field. It has come to the […]

Getting a College Education Online

Online education has become the cornerstone in distance learning. Almost half of the colleges and universities in this country offer non-traditional education programs. These come in the form of branch locations for universities, evening courses, and online classes. Information on a school’s website will most likely include the details on any online degree program that […]

General Engineering Degree Make Use of Technical and People Skills as a Sales Engineer

With over 17 specialties to choose from in the field of engineering, deciding how to use a general engineering degree can be a challenge. Unfortunately, some professionals with a general engineering degree may feel trapped in a technical environment with little exercise of people and communication skills. Becoming a sales engineer is a way to […]

Game Art and Design Nintendo Wii Demonstrates a Rapidly Growing Profession

Japan’s Nintendo Wii has a one-of-a-kind wireless controller. Gamers will be able to use the controller as a tennis racket, bowling ball, golf club, boxing gloves, and more. Instead of a complex series of button combinations to produce action, gamers simply tilt, swing, and point the controller. This new innovation in game art and design […]

From IT School to an IT Career

When you think about your career choices, do you consider Information Technology? Do you want to know more about attending an Information Technology school? If you are seeking information on Information Technology schools, the good news is that an education in Information Technology isn’t far from your fingertips with most schools offering degree programs online. […]

Focused Health Care Planning For Students

Educators and health care professionals alike recognize the importance of health care planning in the school environment. Our public schools are increasingly burdened with the task of attending to the health of its students. With both parents working in the majority of American households, more children with mild illness are being sent off to school. […]