A Day in the Life of an Online Masters Degree Student

Online education has been a game changer for many people who want to continue to work, but get an advanced degree. A master’s degree is considered by many people to be the new bachelor’s. It’s silly to think that nowadays a bachelor’s degree will set you apart. It simply doesn’t. That’s why many mid-career professionals decide to take the leap and head back to school to get a master’s. They can still enjoy the pay of a full time job and work towards that promotion or new career path. Let’s take a look at what it’s really like getting a master’s degree online.

Get ready to read

A Day in the Life of an Online Masters Degree Student

Most students get master’s degrees in business or communications online. Both online degrees require extensive reading. Your online professors will pile it on from the get go. Much of it will be reading about business case studies if you’re an MBA student, while communication’s students will read about communication theory, public relations, communications consulting and diversity. No matter class we’re talking about – you’re going to be hitting the books like you’ve never done before.

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Writing papers

Online students write a lot of papers. Oh, and you’re going to have to become an expert at APA if you are a communications or social science student. Professors at the bachelor’s level might not have cared about perfect APA formatting, but your master’s professor will. Be sure to brush up on APA. If you’re a rookie, it’s going to take some time to get it down.

Online collaboration and group work

Just because you’re an online student doesn’t mean you are not going to be doing group projects. Most classes require at least one group project. This can pose a serious problem online because of different time zones and schedules. The best way to go about group work is to have an initial meeting then divvy up individual work assignments and trust that your peers are not going to let you down. It’s not a big concern at the master’s level because people are generally responsible students.

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You’re going to have weekly deadlines to complete your assignments as well as post discussions on the online message board. Professors typically require students to post their own discussions about readings as well as comment on other student’s work. This is usually a large part of your grade. Half-hearted posts with little thought won’t cut it. Posts must include original work that extrapolates from the readings and materials of the course.