A Degree in Criminal Justice Will Advance Your Career

With the continuing fear of terrorist attacks since September 2001, criminal justice careers have been the focus of much attention. The government actively recruits individuals with criminal science degrees. While some criminal justice careers require only a high school education and physical and mental preparedness, advancement within the field is only possible with a degree in criminal justice. Working adults who wish to transition to a career in law enforcement should seek an online degree in criminal justice.

Online degrees in criminal justice take three forms. The Associate’s Degree requires two years of coursework. A Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice requires four years of college coursework. Most government positions will require potential job candidates to carry a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree. For those seeking advancement into management and more technical positions, a Doctoral Degree in Criminal Justice will be necessary.

Degree in Criminal Justice

Most students receive a well-rounded education covering the inner workings of the law. Online criminal justice degree programs also use real world examples to supplement classroom theory. Best of all, working adults no longer need to worry about balancing the demands of getting an education with maintaining work schedules.

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Criminal justice also covers competencies in criminal investigation, criminal justice research methods, the fundamentals of criminal law, justice systems, police systems, and ethics. A successful curriculum combines interdisciplinary work in psychology, sociology, and public administration.

Graduates with online degrees in criminal justice have applied their knowledge to occupations such as paralegals, trial lawyers, and social workers. A minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree is needed for careers as fraud investigators, loss prevention managers, or police detectives. Access to management positions in forensics, crime prevention, and criminal investigation requires a Master’s Degree. Because of the new job opportunities arising from the creation of the Department of Homeland Security, the Labor Department projects continued growth annually at a rate of 29% through 2010.

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