A Master’s Degree in Business Administration

Considering a Master’s degree in Business Administration? Is a graduate degree in Business Administration a worthwhile investment? If you are considering furthering your career in the Business Administration field, part of your decision may be weighing the costs of pursuing such education with the long-term benefits. Students have countless opportunities and career options after obtaining a Master’s degree in Business Administration because it’s disciplines are in demand in every area of the workforce. More and more top positions of organizations are being filled by individuals who have obtained their M.B.A. in Business Administration.

Master’s Programs in Business Administration offer the student different specialties and seek to provide a knowledge and expertise that prepares the student to organize, direct, and control a modern-day firm or organization and to solve complex business problems. Specialties make the graduate more marketable and include Organizational Management, Information Technology Management, International Business, Finance/Accounting, Health Care, and Entrepreneurship. The Master’s level education offered by many colleges and universities offers students the ability to work directly with organizations on real-world business issues and projects, enabling students to gain first-hand knowledge of the dynamics of many management issues. Completion times for a Master’s degree vary depending on the student’s level of attendance, but typically allows students who work full-time to obtain their M.B.A in one to two years and slightly longer if the student is specializing. The average cost of an M.B.A again depends on a students specialization, but ranges anywhere from $15,000 to $30,000. It is important to research the many different M.B.A programs, as many do not accept students who have not worked in the field for at least four to five years.

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The Internet has dramatically changed the way that Business Administration Master’s degree programs are administered to students. The online M.B.A. degree programs in Business Administration offered by many colleges and universities have made it more convenient than ever to obtain an education in the industry. Several colleges offer online programs in which students can earn their Business Administration degree from the comfort of their own homes according to their own schedule, in addition to more convenient evening and weekend courses for those students who still prefer the traditional classroom setting. Many colleges and universities also offer students internships and Credit for Prior Learning programs in the Business Administration disciplines.

A Master's Degree in Business Administration

Topics covered in an M.B.A. program vary depending on the student’s specialty. They range from Economics, Marketing, Business Strategy, Quality Management, Data Administration, International Management, Competitive Analysis, Global Marketing, Investments, and Labor Economics. Among the colleges and universities offering Master’s programs in Business Administration include Capella University, University of Phoenix, and Warren National University. Specialties vary from one college/university to the next. Jones International University offers students specialties in Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Health Care Management, Global Enterprise Management, Information Security Management, Information Technology Management, Negotiation and Conflict Management, and Project Management.

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