A Multi-Purpose Degree – Bachelor’s in Business

College has evolved drastically over the past few decades. Studying liberal arts for four years is a thing of the past. Today’s college student is more likely to have given some thought to the purpose of his or her college education. That thought process may well conclude that an undergraduate degree has a far more limited impact in the job market today than just twenty years ago.

A Multi-Purpose Degree - Bachelor's in Business

Accordingly, if a college student’s opportunity for study is initially limited to four years, then a bachelor’s degree in business administration may be the most valuable four-year degree within the curriculum. A bachelor’s in business administration is the ticket to an entry level or mid-level position in the traditional business structure in any number of departmental roles.

A graduate with a degree in business administration could break into a corporation in sales, in marketing, in the accounting end of the operation, in project management – it’s a degree that says the person presenting this resume is competent and sufficiently trained to function (and be trusted) in a variety of posts. There are not many bachelor’s degrees that provide that sort of cross-functional promise to an HR department.

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The business administration major is learning about the several aspects of business at both a macro- and micro-level. When the student has completed the bachelor’s degree in business administration, he or she knows enough about each of those aspects to be conversant with them. The student should understand the role of each department or subdivision of a business and be equipped to take on minor roles with competence.

Many, if not most of today’s college students coming out of high school understand that an undergraduate degree has limited value above the middle management level. In the corporate world, the best foundation for nearly any sort of graduate work is a bachelor’s degree in business administration. Degrees in economics and finance are impressive, but a degree in business administration gives the graduate a multifaceted value to the potential employer.

If individuals with a bachelor degree in business administration want to raise the educational bar, they are equipped with the knowledge and background needed move on to graduate studies. These students can consider an MBA or a management degree; they can focus on other related areas such as marketing or IT or global business opportunity without too much concern for the core areas of study which have already been learned.

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A bachelor’s in business administration matches up almost as well with a law degree. Attorneys in corporate firms have gotten to be acquainted more with information about business practices than with the tax laws that apply. It is also true that attorneys who seek opportunities in the public sector will find that the underpinnings of a business administration degree round out the resume nicely. A bachelor’s degree in business administration is an extremely valuable asset, whether acquired online or on campus.