AA Business Watch Out for these Common Degree Scams

“No studies, no attendance, no waiting, no examinations,” advertises an online university offering AA Business degrees, “Order now and get your degree in 5 days for as little as $199!”

Sound too good to be true? It probably is.

More than 30 fake universities are selling bogus degrees in the U.S. alone, in what amounts to be a 200 million-dollar industry. Students in search of quality AA Business programs, through the convenience of online education, can avoid degree scams by heeding these common warning signs:

The AA Business program claims accreditation by an unrecognized or nonexistent agency.

Valid universities should be accredited by an agency recognized by the Council on Higher Education Accreditation. Always check for university and program accreditation.

The only admission requirement to the AA Business program is a valid credit card.

All valid universities have admission requirements. If the only thing required is to pay a fee, the school is probably bogus.

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The AA Business program offers large amounts of academic credit for life experience.

Some universities do offer academic credit in limited amounts for relevant work experience. However, being exempted from entire semesters of study based on experience alone is not an option at legitimate universities.

The AA Business program can be completed in an unusually short amount of time.

Some AA Business programs can be completed in as little as 20 months or less with transferable academic credits. 5 days, however, is not a realistic time frame to earn a valid degree.

AA Business Watch Out for these Common Degree Scams

The AA Business program professors have questionable qualifications.

Faculty should have the academic qualifications and professional experience necessary to teach AA Business classes.

The AA Business program school has a name very similar to a valid, accredited university.

Bogus universities will sometimes assume the name of an accredited university in order to sound more reputable. Never choose a school based on name alone.

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For links to accredited online AA Business programs, visit College-Pages.com, the leading education and career resource website. Prospective students will also find more informative articles about choosing valid, quality online degree programs.