Accelerated BSN Option Take a Leadership Position in the Field of Nursing as a Case Manager

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the field of nursing is expected to grow 27% or more through the year 2018. It also predicts that the best opportunities for advancement and increases in salary will be available to nurses who have earned a bachelor degree, or higher, in nursing. A bachelor of science in nursing (BSN) through an accelerated BSN option program provides registered nurses with communication, leadership, and critical thinking skills that allow for advanced practice positions, such as working as a case manager.

What Does a Case Manager Do?

A graduate of an accelerated BSN option program who chooses to work as a case manager acts as a clinical nurse with leadership and management responsibilities. Duties vary depending on the setting and position. Typically, a case manager is responsible for educating patients, monitoring the patients’ progress, identifying resources, and coordinating care for a specific population of patients. Graduates of accelerated BSN option programs who work as case managers may make many of their own care decisions, but may also be guided by pre-approved protocols and rules.

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Required Education to Become a Case Manager

All nurses must be licensed in the U.S. as Registered Nurses. Licensure can be obtained through a hospital diploma, associate degree, or an RN or LPN to BSN program. However, for advanced practice and leadership positions within the field of nursing, employers most often prefer to hire Registered Nurses who have completed a BSN online or campus program. Many schools are now providing an accelerated BSN option for working Registered Nurses, and some employers are even offering tuition reimbursement for nurses who wish to earn a BSN salary. For example, Kaplan University’s accelerated BSN option program focuses on preparing registered nurses for leadership positions and allows students to complete the program from anywhere in the U.S. Thanks to advanced technology and job flexibility, earning an RN to BSN degree is now easier than ever before.

Accelerated BSN Option Take a Leadership Position in the Field of Nursing as a Case Manager

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