Acquiring Your Teaching Degree On The Internet

There are several online colleges that offer degree programs in the area of education. Most state teaching requirements include both a college degree and teacher certification. Online colleges are rarely equipped with programs that fulfill various state level certification obligations. While Iowa does have some online certification classes available, this is not normally the case. Online educational degrees tend to focus on teacher training but will not provide qualification credentials.

Acquiring Your Teaching Degree On The Internet

A bachelor’s degree is typically required for teaching on the elementary school level. Quite a few online institutions provide bachelor’s degree programs for elementary education that can only two to three years. Other programs may assist in preparing individuals for certification testing, but they are not included in the college curriculum.

Online degree programs that focus on the development of teaching skills are usually master’s programs. Kaplan University offers two master’s degree programs for Kindergarten through sixth grade, and two other programs for seventh to twelfth grade. Areas of specialization offered are mathematics and literacy and language. The University of Phoenix Online offers master’s degree programs with the following focuses: special education, elementary and secondary teaching, and early childhood education. Job requirements for teaching secondary school will require college credentials in the subject area that is to be taught, such as English, Mathematics, or American history.

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Capella University has programs that can assist certified teachers in meeting the requirements to be promoted into management or administrative positions in education. These master’s degree programs include master’s in science degrees with specialization in advanced classroom instruction, curriculum and instruction, and leadership in educational administration. Capella University also offers k-12 teaching and online certification courses.

Online teaching degree courses of study will sometimes have three sections of classes. These might include studies in your subject concentration, courses for licensure, and degree courses. Special education, for instance, may require an additional set of classes. The University of Phoneix has a licensure master’s program, as well as other educational focuses. The programs of study are gears towards assisting the student in obtaining credentials, but everyone has to determine what credentials are needed based on their state requirements.

A great deal of individuals who are interested in pursuing a teaching degree have some college credits already. You can find out from many online universities about being able to transfer those credits. This can reduce the amount of time it takes to complete the degree program. Whether this is done or not, a majority of online degree programs do not take the full four years that traditional college requires. Online institutions offer intensive and accelerated courses of study that speed up the process.

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