Advanced Degrees in Health Care

There is a diverse assortment of master’s degree programs in health care. Health care degrees might focus on administration, or they may be business degrees with a health care concentration. Many master’s programs that focus on health care management are provided online.

Information technology with a health care information focus is another master’s degree program offering. Since health care records are routinely maintained electronically these days, maintaining and protecting health information in hospitals and doctor’s offices has become a technological area of focus.

There are plenty of varied master’s degree programs available that cover the broad range of health care related affairs. The University of Phoenix Online offers the following health care related master’s degree programs:

Managerial Communication, Health Care Organizations, Health Care Infrastructure, Impact of eHealth Quality and Data Based Management, Health Care Finance Change, Negotiation and Conflict Resolution, Concepts of Population Health, Current Issues in Health, Law and Ethics Marketing for Health Care, Evaluation Methodology, Health Care Economics, and Health Care Strategic Management.

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Obviously, a master’s in health administration is created to instruct on health facility management skills. Decision making and problem analysis are typically the focus of many courses in these programs.

You may also be able to acquire an MBA with a health care specialization at the University of Phoenix. Here are some of the classes in such a program:

Foundations of Problem-Based Learning, Forces Influencing Business in the 21st Century, Managing the Business Enterprise, Introduction to Finance and Accounting, Managerial Decision Making, Maximizing Shareholder Wealth, Resource Optimization, Enterprise Risk, Sustainable Customer Relationships Strategies for Competitive Advantage Health Care Infrastructure, Health Care Organizations, and Current Issues in Health Law and Ethics.

The master’s in business administration focuses on running a profitable health care business. A master’s in health administration concentrates on improving the efficiency and quality of the health care industry.

The University of Phoenix has responded to the need for a stronger nursing staff. Here are the master’s in nursing offerings:

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Master of Science in Nursing, Master of Science in Nursing – Nursing/Health Care Education, Master of Science in Nursing/Integrative Health Care, Master of Science in Nursing/Master of Business Administration/Health Care Management, and Master of Science in Nursing/Master of Health Administration.

The quality that stands out about these programs is that they can prepare individuals in nursing positions for management obligations, and can qualify them for those higher level careers. The online options for master’s degrees in health care can be related to direct caregiving to facility management. If you already have some college credits, you may be able to obtain a master’s degree in health care in less time than you anticipate.

Advanced Degrees in Health Care

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