Art of Patient Health Care

Nothing speaks more about the reputation of a company than the loyalty of its customers. Aurora Health Care has a mantra which reflects the company and speaks to why it’s customers are so loyal: “There is a better way to provide health care.” That says it all. As a company, Aurora Health Care is constantly working on providing that ‘better way’.

Art of Patient Health Care

Aurora Health Care innovates and isn’t afraid to show the world the fruits of its labors. In fact, Aurora Health Care continues its legacy by training future doctors and healthcare workers in the art of patient care, and by reinventing the way health care works. A closer look at Aurora will reveal the details.

Aurora Health Care holds a unique position in the healthcare industry. Aurora Health Care has 250 locations in 75 Wisconsin communities. The Aurora Health Care Organization includes 14 hospitals, 103 clinics, over 3000 network physicians, and several specialized treatment centers. It is a leader in the healthcare industry, but not in the traditional sense. As Wisconsin’s largest non- profit health organization, Aurora Health Care isn’t concerned with the traditional concerns of health care conglomerates, such as rearing in patient care costs and making a profit. Aurora Health Care takes the lead by making patient care its top priority. Income that Aurora Health Care generates is reinvested into the community it serves and into the programs it offers. This means that Aurora Health Care is able to streamline the efficiency of health care by investing in technologies and programs that satisfies their customer base and their core values.

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A residency at Aurora Health Care is an experience in how a medical facility should be run under diverse conditions. Aurora’s residency programs are run in two major hospitals: Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center, Wisconsin’s largest hospital, and Aurora Sinai Medical Center, Wisconsin’s second oldest hospital. Students may apply for residencies in family practice, internal medicine, OB/GYN, pharmacy, and radiology. Residency programs cover patient care, business practices, administrative policies, and compliance issues. Two of Aurora’s residency programs rank in the top 50 of US News & World Reports medical program rankings: its urology program is ranked 29th in the nation, while its geriatrics program breaks into the top 50 at number 48. All residents are fully covered for liability, medical insurance, group life insurance, and disability. Finally, Aurora Health Care involves its residents in all aspects and decisions relating to patient care.

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Aurora Health Care also offers innovative training programs to participating personnel. Among the opportunities available are fellowships in cardiology, gastroenterology, and geriatrics. The organization even offers specialty schools in Radiology Technology at St. Luke’s and a School of Diagnostic Medical Sonography at Aurora Sinai. Internships are available to medical school graduates in nuclear medicine technology and marriage counseling in the school’s Family Therapy Training Institute. Practicing physicians may satisfy continuing education requirements and participate in special certificate programs such as Clinical Aromatherapy. All programs at the school are accredited by the Wisconsin Medical Society.

Aurora Health Care’s use of current technologies and medical practices shapes the future of health care. Its ability to maintain patient care as a top priority with an eye towards streamlining existing processes certainly lends credence to their mandate “There is a better way to provide health care.”

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