Associate Business What do Employers Think About Online Degrees

Online learning can be an attractive way to earn an associate business degree. Flexible scheduling and no commuting costs are but a few of the perks of an online associate business program. But do employers view online degrees any differently than traditional associate business programs?

107 Employers Talk About Online Associate Business Degrees and More

107 employers across the nation were recently surveyed to gather their opinions. The results turned out to be good news for online associate business students.

85% of employers replied that online degrees are viewed more positively than 5 years ago. 34% of responders had come upon a job applicant with an online degree, and 20% went on to hire the applicant.

Online Associate Business Degrees and Others Gain Respect

Associate Business What do Employers Think About Online Degrees

One employer who hired a professional with an online degree wrote, “The person was tested in all aspects of their field of study . . . and won the position. Great hire it turned out to be!”

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Another employer stated, “It takes a lot of discipline to complete an online degree.”

More Good News for Online Associate Business Students

Finally, the best news for online associate business students was that 91% of employers said they would hire a professional with only an online degree, if they possessed everything needed for the job.

For more information about earning an online associate business degree, prospective students are encouraged to fill out an information request form. Additional links to online associate business degrees are available through, the leading education and career resource website.

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