Associate in Applied Business Top Employers Reveal Hiring Criteria

Graduates of associate in applied business programs may get hired simply because they chose to major in business. Results of a recent survey of top employers show that college major is one of the top screening criteria for employment. Employers surveyed included prominent companies like Lockheed Martin.

Associate in Applied Business Graduates Take Note of 3 Most Important Hiring Criteria of Top Employers

From most to least important, employers identified these factors as the top 3 in hiring decisions:

  1. College Major of Associate in Applied Business Graduates: College major is a quick and easy way to hone in on which applicants are likely to have the needed skills for the job.
  2. Interviewing Skills of Associate in Applied Business Graduates: Interviewing demonstrates an applicant’s people skills, professionalism, and enthusiasm about a position. A stellar resume may get an applicant some face time with the employer. If he or she interviews poorly, however, the position will probably go to someone else.
  3. Experience of Associate in Applied Business Graduates: Internships and work experience show employers what an applicant has already demonstrated in previous situations. Highlighting experiences that will carry over into the desired position can greatly increase an applicant’s chances at employment.
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GPA and School of Little Significance for Associate in Applied Business Graduates

Surprisingly, only 6% of employers rated GPA as important. Just 3% of employers identified the school an applicant graduated from as significant. Employers seem to be more interested in practical skills a graduate can bring to the organization. Good communication, critical thinking, initiative, flexibility, and excitement for the company are key traits that make a good employee.

Associate in Applied Business Top Employers Reveal Hiring Criteria

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