Associate’s Degree in Paralegal Studies On the Internet

An associate’s degree is a worthy investment for individuals who are interested in embarking on a paralegal career. This is true even though there are certificate programs available that do not result in a degree in paralegal studies. An associate’s degree in paralegal studies can be obtained online in less than two years, and would offer a stronger foundation our understanding in the field than a certificate program would. In addition to that, these college credits might be applied towards a bachelor’s degree in paralegal studies or another major.

Kaplan University has an Associate Degree in Paralegal Studies course of study with the following core classes: Academic Strategies for the Paralegal, Professional College Composition, Software Applications, College Composition Communications, College Algebra (or higher), Legal Ethics, Diversity and Culture History, and Career Development Strategies.

After completing those courses, the next batch of classes would probably be: Paralegalism Today, Civil Litigation I: Contracts, Civil Litigation II: Legal Research, Paralegal Elective, Paralegal Elective Associate’s Capstone in Paralegal Studies.

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The curriculum at Kaplan University covers certain general education requirements that could be applied to any liberal arts education. Along with general and specific law courses, there are classes that help to improve writing skills and offer technical background in related software. As a new paralegal, having an associate’s degree can boost your confidence because of the professional knowledge that you will have attained. You will feel like a graduate, not someone who was simply trained for a job.

There is also an associate’s paralegal studies degree offered by Everest College online and on each of their nine campuses. Florida Metropolitan University has a paralegal studies program that results in an associate’s degree as well. You can search local community colleges and universities about online classes or extension programs. Almost fifty percent of all colleges and universities offer such programs.

Associate's Degree in Paralegal Studies On the Internet

Even if you are going to take live classes, much of the interaction between students and professors occurs on the internet. Faculty may post lecture notes and class assignments online. Some community colleges require that yo physically attend classes, but you might be able to find the information you need online.

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An associate’s degree obtained on the internet is a better foundation than a simple certificate, and opens up the opportunity for further education down the road. You can begin as a paralegal, attain your associates degree, and later pursue a higher degree after you have gained experience. Bachelor’s degrees in paralegal studies can be acquired on the internet as well.