Bachelor Degree Computer Science Humanitarian Work as a Computer Researcher

An extraordinary project conceived of by Nicholas Negroponte, a professional computer researcher planned to distribute laptop computers with internet connections to 1 million children in Libya by June 2017. His goal was to design a laptop computer that will cost $100 and come with wireless internet connection capabilities. Negroponte’s work showcases a unique way to use a bachelor degree computer science education for humanitarian work.

Bachelor Degree Computer Science Humanitarian Work as a Computer Researcher

What does a Computer Researcher Do?

A computer researcher may work at a computer science university or research facility investigating a wide range of computer science topics. For example, a computer researcher working at a computer science college may attempt to design robots to clean chemical spills, create 3D graphic systems for exploring the human body, discover new ways to search the internet, or construct a wireless sensor network for the detection of earthquakes and tornadoes. Earning a bachelor degree computer science diploma is just the first step towards joining the rapidly growing research field of computer science.

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Required Education to Work as a Computer Researcher

Career opportunities, at the university level, typically require a PhD in Computer Science. But the first step towards becoming a computer researcher is to earn a bachelor degree computer science diploma. Schools such as Warren National University provide training in computer programming, artificial intelligence, software development, operating systems, and databases. Building a firm foundation of knowledge in computer science prepares researchers to thoroughly investigate and manipulate information later in their careers.

For more information about a career in computer research, students may visit the Computing Research Association website. is another valuable education and career resource website with an extensive list of available bachelor degree computer science programs and informative articles.

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