Bachelor Degree in Management Making a Career Out of Project Management

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is currently developing the James Webb Space Telescope, a piece of equipment with over 400 technical requirements. The intended mission of the telescope is to circle the earth more than 1 million miles away and record facts about the expanding universe. Completing this surreal task requires the expertise of a project manager. This type of management goes far beyond conventional bachelor degree in management careers like retail management.

Bachelor Degree in Management Making a Career Out of Project Management

What is a Project Manager?

The position of project manager was recently profiled in the Occupational Outlook Quarterly from the Department of Labor. Bachelor degree in management graduates may serve as project managers for everything from planning an annual awards ceremony to designing a new company product. Management degree graduates who work as project managers have the responsibility of providing direction for an assigned project while balancing the time, money, and scope involved in the venture.

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Although projects vary widely throughout the profession, the central process for project management involves setting goals, creating a plan, monitoring progress, and, lastly, wrapping up the final details required for completion of the project. During the course of the project, the project manager facilitates efficient work by maintaining good communication among team members and upper management. Some bachelor degree in management graduates act as project managers within the scope of a job description, while other business management degree graduates fashion an entire career out of project management.

Required Education to be a Project Manager

According to the Department of Labor, project managers typically must have a bachelor degree in management or another discipline related to the job in order to enter the profession. Training in subjects such as team building, risk management, and planning can be helpful. Completing courses in the specific industry one plans to enter can also be useful in gaining a competitive edge in the employment market.

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The Project Management Institute website contains more information related to being a project manager. PMI also has helpful information for students looking to attain a degree, finacial aid, or credentials in Project Management at For an extensive list of available bachelor degree in management programs, prospective students may visit, the education and career resource website.