Bachelor Degree Nursing Specialties Forensic Nurse Investigators Apply Medical Knowledge to Crime Scenes

According to The FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin, forensic nursing is currently one of the fastest growing disciplines in the field of nursing. Forensic nurses apply their medical knowledge to the area of criminal justice. Bachelor degree nursing program graduates who wish to work directly with crime scenes often choose to focus their practice as Forensic Nurse Investigators.

Bachelor Degree Nursing Specialties Forensic Nurse Investigators Apply Medical Knowledge to Crime Scenes

What is a Forensic Nurse Investigator?

Forensic Nurse Investigators are specialists called to crime scenes to perform scientific investigations of the crime scene and circumstances associated with a victim’s death. Forensic Nurse Investigators are most likely graduates of programs for a bachelor degree nursing. They are typically employed by medical examiners and charged with the responsibility of identifying possible contributing factors to a crime from a medical perspective. In addition to BSN program training, Forensic Nurse Investigators receive training in forensic science subjects, and perform various duties, including photography, wound identification, and evidence preservation and collection.

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Required Education to Become a Forensic Nurse Investigator

Forensic Nurse Investigators must be licensed as Registered Nurses within the U.S. Licensure may be obtained with a hospital diploma, associate degree, or bachelor degree nursing program. Training in forensic sciences is essential for Forensic Nurse Investigators. Programs, such as the Forensic Nursing Certificate at Kaplan University, prepare nurses for practicing in the criminal justice arena. Many hospitals also offer internship opportunities for nurses wishing to gain practical work experience in the field of forensic nursing. Students interested in learning more about a career as a Forensic Nurse Investigator may visit the International Association of Forensic Nurses website.

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