Bachelor of Science Nursing Specialty Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners Care for Victims and Investigate Crime

Forensic nursing is one of the fastest growing disciplines in the field of nursing, according to a recent report in The FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin. Bachelor of science nursing program graduates who choose to specialize in forensic nursing assist law enforcement personnel in clinical investigation of victims and medical testimony in court. With the proper training, bachelor of science nursing graduates can practice in a variety of forensic areas, including sexual assault nursing.

What is a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner?

Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners with a bachelor of science nursing degree work very closely with victims of sexual assault through the majority of the criminal justice process. Bachelor of science nursing graduates who work as Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners not only provide direct care for victims, but also offer emotional support and information about victim services. Direct care duties of a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner include: Taking the health history of the victim. Analyzing existing injuries. Screening for sexually transmitted diseases. Collecting and preserving evidence. Documenting information about the crime.

Bachelor of Science Nursing Specialty Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners Care for Victims and Investigate Crime

Required Education to Work as a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner

In order to become certified as a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner, nurses must be licensed as Registered Nurses within the U.S. Licensure may be obtained through completing a hospital diploma, associate degree, or bachelor of science nursing program. Nurses must also have two years of experience as Registered Nurses before applying for certification. Finally, nurses must complete an adult Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner education program and participate in supervised clinical practice until deemed competent by an appropriate clinical authority.

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Nurses interested in becoming a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner have many options. Kaplan University, an online college for RN to BSN degree training, offers educational programs that lead to a Bachelor of Science Nursing diploma or a Forensic Nursing Certificate. The University of Phoenix offers a variety of nursing degrees, including: RN to Bachelor of Science in Nursing. MSN – Master of Science in Nursing. MSN/ED – Master of Science in Nursing/Health Care Education. MSN/IH – Mater of Science in Nursing – Integrative Health Care. MSN – Master of Science in Nursing/MBA/Health Care Management. Nursing Health Care Education Certificate.

Many hospitals also offer internships for nurses interested in gaining practical work experience in forensic nursing. Prospective students interested in learning more information about becoming a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner may visit the International Association of Forensic Nurses website and, a leading education and career resource website.

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