Beliefs that are Hurting your Career

If you’re stalled in your career and it seems others are passing you by – it may be that your beliefs about work are hurting your career. Let’s take a look at some beliefs that may be hindering your performance.

Doing your job satisfactory is good enough

In today’s environment, there are many hungry and qualified job seekers looking to replace you. That means you have to go above and beyond the call of duty to be a valuable part of the organization. You don’t want your boss to look at you as easily replaceable.

Attitude does not matter if you do good work

Even if you meet your deadlines and do good work, yet complain about your job, act like a prima donna and are generally negative, your boss probably thinks you are a cancer within the organization. There have been several studies that show the number one thing that keeps people in their job is if they are liked by their supervisor and coworkers. If your attitude stinks, no one is going to want you around.

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Asking questions about your work will make your supervisor think you are incompetent

Beliefs that are Hurting your Career

Good leaders and managers want you to ask questions. It doesn’t convey incompetence – it shows that you care and want to do an excellent job the first time. In fact, many managers are probably nervous when their employers do not ask questions. Asking questions means you are thinking about the project and attempting to make progress.

You focus too much on being liked at the office

Being liked is certainly important but not at the expense of doing excellent work. Never chit chat when you should be working. There are times when you can pop in someone’s office and have a quick conversation, but you should be known around the office as the person who does great work, is dependable and has great ideas – not the one that’s the biggest talker.

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Surfing the internet won’t hurt your work

If you spend too much time on social networking sites and shopping sites it will hurt your productivity. You might be meeting your employer’s minimum expectations, but that’s about it. This will catch up to you. Also, many employers monitor your web activity.

If you make a mistake you should try and cover it up

Everybody makes mistakes at work on occasion. If you do, be open and honest and then do something about it to rectify the situation and learn from it. Covering it up and then having your boss find out about it through the grapevine or some other way will make it worse. He or she will be less likely to get angry if you are open about it. Explain why it happened, what you are going to do to fix it, and what you’ve learned.

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Your work speaks for itself

You need to be your own PR person at work. That doesn’t mean you brag about it, but it does mean if you are tearing it up at the office and get a compliment from a customer or business partner you should ensure your boss knows about it.