Why College Students Fail

A closer look at why college students fail shows that it has nothing to do with level of intelligence. About 90% of the population all have about the same level of intelligence. About 5% have serious learning disabilities and barriers while the other 5% are just plain smarter than everyone else. Chances are you fall […]

Which Nursing Schools Offer the Accelerated BSN Program

Distance education has revolutionized the way nurses are earning advanced credentials. The Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) accredits several programs across the country, which nursing schools offer. The accelerated BSN program is turning out to be the perfect way for RN’s to continue working while pursuing a BSN nursing degree. Universities Offer Online and […]

What You Need to Know About Technology Careers

Nine times out of ten, in educational parlance, a career in technology is associated with information technology. Computer design is computer science and that can be construed as a technology career. However, the popular use of the term “information technology” in the job market has to do with the data computers turn out. Information technology […]

What to Look for in an Organization

Who said you had to settle for a lousy job just because of the economy? There are plenty of great organizations filled with great people just like you that are looking to hire. Working for “The Man” doesn’t have to be a bad thing. In fact, it can be very financially and personally fulfilling. Below […]

What is Human Resource Development

Human resource development is the title for more than one state agency in the U.S. The actual definition of the term and the practices that flow from it may be derived from the Constitution of a non-profit foundation called Academy of Human Resources Development:”Human Resource Development (HRD) shall be taken to mean a process that […]

What Are Free Accounting Software Programs

Free small business accounting software is somewhat akin to the free lunch. In computer terminology, free software often means “open source” software. That term refers to software programs that were designed to run on operating systems like Unix and Linux, the Sun Computers proprietary platform Solaris. There are some free accounting software programs available that […]

What an Associates Degree in Criminal Justice Can Do For You

Educational standards for law enforcement jobs are climbing steadily. Civil service exams have been the traditional rite of passage for police department applicants, with educational requirements minimal. That standard is changing, both for police and deputy sheriff applicants as well as correctional officers. The law enforcement listings in a recently consulted government jobs website listed […]

Websites Helping Small Business

Small business owners, entrepreneurs, and those wishing to start a business should be aware of the information available to you on-line. Recently, the U.S. Department of Social Security reported that 85 percent of Americans 65 and over do not have more than $250. Only two percent in this age range do not need help from […]

Want To Work As A Health Care Provider

Have you considered a career as a health care provider? The health care industry is the fastest growing industry in the United States economy and that growth is not expected to slow. In fact, health care provider jobs are expected to rise by twenty-eight percent in the next ten years, attributable to continual advances in […]