Find Online Computer and Technology Degrees and Programs

You can get a great start in the fields of engineering and technology through online engineering and technology programs. There has been a great deal of concentration on technology in the online schools, particularly those centered around computer science. Degree programs for online schools in the field of engineering range from associates to masters in […]

Find Online Business and Management Degree Programs

An online degree from an accredited business school in business or management can offer you multiple opportunities all over the world. The majority of people who are using online programs today are doing so in order to move up the career ladder so they have a greater opportunity to qualify for management roles. A well rounded business education or […]

Find Medical and Nursing Degree Programs

Earning a health care or nursing degree can open up tremendous career opportunities. Through online programs there are bachelors degrees available in health information management and also in information technology, which can apply to the health care field. The technology of health care provides opportunities for people in the fields of networking, information management and […]

Find Law, Criminal Justice, & Social Science Degree Programs

In the criminal justice field, you can earn a bachelor degree in forensic psychology, fraud analysis, or even crime scene examination. These specialties are quickly becoming important roles in law enforcement organizations of every size. Specialists in forensic psychology often find themselves working with the court system as much as with a law enforcement bureau. […]

Find General Online Degree Programs

The Other and General category is for general courses and degrees that don’t fit into more traditional academic structures. The reason for this is that online general education colleges have led the way in adapting academic pursuits to career orientation. For example, you can attend a traditional school and spend two or three years obtaining […]

Find General Degree Programs from Accredited Colleges & Schools

Most general education courses are classroom intensive programs designed to get its students qualified and certified quickly. It’s a long way from the traditional apprentice programs run through businesses or labor organizations that can take years. contains many examples of the new educational front led by distance learning programs and vocational schools that have […]

Find Education and Teaching Degree Programs

In nearly every state in the nation, teachers must be credentialed by the state. Traditionally, teaching required a masters degree and at least one year of student teaching, however, the requirements are beginning to loosen up. Online schools are now responsible for providing online programs for all academic courses that are required for teaching certifications. […]

Find Culinary and Cooking Degree Programs

For culinary training you may want to seek out a program that has campus facilities. The Art Institutes have many locations that provide those courses. At the center of the culinary and cooking business, chefs in top quality kitchens have achieved some level of certification by the American Culinary Federation (ACF). Certification levels include master […]

Find Computer and Technology Degree Programs

If software development is your forte, your resources include degrees in software systems engineering, software engineering management and the basic software engineering. Distance learning is a great way to keep up with program updates and new releases in these career fields. If hardware is your specialty, degrees and technology training in networking, network management, network […]

Find Arts and Humanitites Degree Programs

There are online degrees from art design colleges available in both digital design and web design. Digital design is very art-oriented while web design incorporates designing a web site for commercial, political, or social purposes. Webmasters are essential to businesses because he incorporation of web applications into commercial sites can have a significant affect on […]