Connecticut Colleges and Universities Pursuing Online and Campus-based Education

Connecticut boasts some of the most educated residents in the nation and has the highest per capita income in the entire country. The Constitution State ranks sixth in the nation for residents over the age of 25 possessing a college degree. Government, manufacturing, and financial activities provide lucrative employment opportunities for graduates of Connecticut colleges […]

Making a Difference with Payroll Accounting

Payroll accounting is probably the most notable job at any office. This department keeps a record of wages that is paid to the employees. The wages are of two types, one, what the employee earns from an organization and second, real wages i.e. the actual monetary amount the employee is paid. One another vital function […]

Life is the Best Financial Planning Education

My parents warned me. They told me over and over again how living the life of a 18 year old was great and carefree, but that it was a good thing to try and not be TOO carefree. I didn’t listen. I got my first Visa card application in the mail and felt instantly like […]

A Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice Management

A master’s program in criminal justice is generally sought by people who are interested in taking a management role somewhere in the criminal justice system or who are interested in research and teaching in the field. Because of the management focus, many of the core courses will provide the basics in business, finance, and management […]

Accounting – The Heart of Business

The purpose of a business – at least, any business without a non-profit designation – is to earn a living for the business owner and make a profit for the owner and investors. The purpose of a language is to communicate. If a business owner is to communicate with all that have a stake or […]

Delaware Colleges and Universities Pursuing Online and Campus-based Education

Although it is the second smallest state in the nation, Delaware prides itself as the first state to enter the union and offers some of the best educational opportunities in the country. Significant employers, such as Dover Air Force Base, enhance an already thriving economy. Dover universities, Wilmington colleges, and New Castle schools are but […]

Mechanical Engineering Technology Degree Discover a Career with the CIA

Contrary to popular portrayals on television series, working for the rarely involves racing through downtown in a sports car, disengaging bombs, or flying away from a dramatic scene while standing on the skids and leaning out of a stealthy black helicopter. While a rare few experience anything as cinematic as these examples while working in […]

Bachelor Degree in Business Administration

There is no experience like the actual, day-to-day experiences you’ll find in the real business world. However, by obtaining your business administration degree, you will be exposed to a wider spectrum of problem sets and compelled to grapple with them. Throughout your studies you will be challenged to analyze and synthesize complex data in order […]