The Doctorate in Education Educational Leadership

Doctoral programs in education are devised to develop leadership for educational facilities. These facilities could be might be county or state departments of education, school districts, or universities. The curriculum is focused on executive level analytical skills, research and problem solving. Doctoral programs are geared for individuals who have achieved at the bachelor’s and master’s […]

The Development of Information Technology

The word Information technology is often associated with the computer generation, it is as old as the word itself. In this article, the term “information technology” means the modern science of digital information and its various properties such as recording, use, and transmission through computers. The First Computers! The first Computers were integrated circuits on […]

The Career Builder – A Master’s Degree in Computer Science

A career in computer science can take you in a number of directions. Computer engineering is akin to electrical engineering: it deals with the machine’s hardware. Computer programming includes the fields of computer operating systems and software. In some schools, software design is a separate discipline from programming – designing software is conceptual, while programming […]

The Brilliance the Possibilities of E-Commerce Marketing

The Internet era has seen marketing of a new kind. I know this first hand as I was part of a project, which paid about $5 for an easy task of putting links into blogs. Although skeptical initially I was richer by a few hundred dollars after actually having completed the work. And that’s when […]

The American College of Healthcare Executives

The American College of Healthcare Executives is a large trade organization for professionals in the health care management field. ACHE has thirty thousand members and hosts an annual trade meeting for its members. It is also known for providing continuing education and training for its members, as well as two trade journals and a magazine. […]

The American College of Health Care Administrators

The American College of Health Care Administrators (ACHCA)is a non-profit trade organization primarily for individuals who manage nursing homes or long term care facilities or who have a substantial interest in such a facility. This organization has extensive information on obtaining licensure to be manager of one of these facilities. There are requirements to pass […]

The Academics of Information Technology

Information technology (IT) is a fast growing area of education. It has various branches which themselves are capable of independent study. They are hardware, software and the process which helps in the working of these components, networking. A number of colleges offer courses in various area of the Information Technology, such as network maintenance. Also […]

Technology Universities and Colleges

There is a difference between technical schools and colleges and schools of technology. Technical schools are training centers that will prepare you for every career from auto mechanic, to food marketing, to truck driver. You may find a few technology-oriented careers available at a technical school – such as software programming – or you may […]

Teachers at the University Level

Teaching at the college or “post-secondary” level includes a number of jobs performed by individuals working from varying levels in the faculty hierarchy. There are teaching jobs available at colleges that provide continuing education for graduates and teachers in technical academies that teach in a number of professional categories. For the most part however, teaching […]

Take the Steps Today to Become a School Teacher Tomorrow

Whether you are an undergraduate or graduate student in a teacher preparation program, or a liberal arts and sciences major, if you want to become a schoolteacher there are several steps you need to take. To teach in public schools you need a license, and that means you need an accredited bachelor’s degree program in […]