BSB 5 Ways to Earn a Bachelor of Science in Business in as Little as 12 Months

Traditional bachelor of science in business (BSB) degrees require 4 years of full-time study. For nontraditional students, such as working professionals and single parents, traditional programs are an impracticable method of bringing educational goals into reality. However, many professionals are discovering these 5 ways to complete a BSB in as little as 12 months through Kaplan University’s Advance Start Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.

1. Earn Current BSB Credits with Past College Classes

Completing a BSB at Kaplan University is faster than traditional BSB programs because Kaplan accepts past college credits towards current degree requirements. Kaplan’s credit transfer policy saves students valuable time in their BSB education. Both general education and business classes may be eligible for transfer into the BSB program.

2. Turn Work Experience into BSB Credits

Kaplan University also assists BSB students by offering BSB credits for past work experience. With the right type of work history, students can shave months off their study time.

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3. Use Federal Financial Aid to Complete a BSB at Kaplan University

Kaplan University BSB students are eligible for a variety of federal grant and loan programs. Many employers will also offer tuition reimbursement for Kaplan BSB students. With financial aid, Kaplan BSB students can often complete classes at a more aggressive pace.

BSB 5 Ways to Earn a Bachelor of Science in Business in as Little as 12 Months

4. Study BSB Courses from Any Location

Thanks to advanced technology, Kaplan University is able to offer its BSB program through distance education. Location challenges fail to be an issue for Kaplan BSB online students. Courses can be completed from anywhere in the U.S. and international locations with appropriate access to technology.

5. Attend Kaplan BSB Classes at Any Time

Students who choose to complete BSB courses online have an incredible amount of flexibility with their studies. Class times are adjustable to each student’s schedule and can be completed while maintaining work and family responsibilities.

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More information on Kaplan’s Advance Start Bachelor of Science in Business program is available through, the leading education and career resource website. Resources are also available for assistance in making education and career decisions from anywhere in the world.