Business Administration Careers You Should Consider

Wondering what you can do with a degree in Business Administration? The good news is that Business Administration students are some of the most in-demand graduates in the workforce. Ever since the explosion of big business in the United States, Business Administration has become the fastest growing employment demand in the workforce, with more top positions being filled by individuals who want to further their understanding of Business Administration through a college degree. The disciplines of a Business Administration degree are demanded in every industry and opportunities range from Health Care, Hospitality, General Management, Banking and Finance, Insurance, Entertainment, Retail, and Government. A degree in Business Administration offers specializations in Human Resources, Finance, Management, and Marketing. Students seeking a degree in the field have the options including Certification Programs, Bachelor’s in Business Administration, an MBA, and even Doctorate programs in Business Administration.

Business Administration Careers You Should Consider

The Internet has dramatically changed the way that Business Administration degree programs are administered to students. Inspired by the Distance Learning Program that many colleges have adapted in which learning and examination material are sent through the mail and completed at the student’s own pace, the online degree programs in Business Administration have made it more convenient than ever to obtain an education in the industry. Several colleges offer online programs in which students can earn their Business Administration degree from the comfort of their own homes according to their own schedule, in addition to more convenient evening and weekend courses for those students who still prefer the traditional classroom setting. Many colleges and universities also offer students internships and Credit for Prior Learning programs in the Business Administration disciplines.

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Each specialty of the Business Administration degree program covers its own topics and curriculum. The fundamental education of Business Administration seeks to prepare the student for the workforce by providing them with a general understanding of the main management roles found within the modern organization. Topics cover the basic principles of Business Management such as Financial Analysis, Entrepreneurship, Marketing Principles, Organizational Strategy, Ethical Issues of Business, Business Forecasting, Investments, and Mergers and Acquisitions. The continuing education of a Business Management degree seeks to build on a student’s fundamental knowledge and provide a deeper expertise, enabling graduates to direct, control, and organize the processes of a firm or organization. Many specialty courses are offered in the advanced levels of Business Administration education such as Information Technology Management, Business and Personnel Law, Theories of Constraint, Global Enterprise, and Portfolio/Investment Analysis.

Finding a career in Business Administration is almost impossible to do without a college degree, and even harder to do with no prior experience. Because these demands of a career in Business Administration are ever-changing and rapidly advancing, some students find it beneficial to their careers to take on internships or part-time positions in the Business Administration field while pursuing their education. Also for this reason, those continuing their education from a certification to a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, or from a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration to an MBA, many elect to take a few years in between to work in the field and acquire hands-on experience.

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Upon researching your education options, you will find many schools offering degree programs in the Business Administration field. Among them are the University of Phoenix and Colorado Technical University, both offering online degree programs. Kennedy-Western University offers Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate programs as well. These are just a few of the many options when pursuing a Business Administration degree.