Business Administration Jobs Work as an Administrative Assistant with an Associate Degree in Business

Today, working as an administrative assistant in a business environment comes with a different set of responsibilities than as in the past. Many of the typical clerical duties of the past have now been automated, thanks to new technology. Administrative assistants today are performing tasks that were previously reserved for managerial staff as business administration jobs continue to evolve. Whereas entry-level business administration jobs may still only require a high school diploma, the specialized tasks of administrative assistants are, now, more often best performed by graduates with an associate degree business diploma.

Business Administration Jobs Work as an Administrative Assistant with an Associate Degree in Business

What is an Administrative Assistant?

Administrative assistants are professionals in business. Their business administration jobs center on performing the administrative activities that are necessary to keep an office or organization running smoothly. Administrative assistants plan and schedule appointments, maintain computer and paper files, conduct research, and may even arrange travel and guest preparations. Administrative assistants with more experience may also be in charge of hiring and training clerical staff.

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Required Education to Work as an Administrative Assistant

Employers most often prefer to hire workers with a campus or online associate degree in business for administrative assistant business administration jobs. Workers who have earned an associate degree in business administration, or a related discipline, receive specialized training and develop critical thinking skills that employers value. For example, students enrolled in the University of Phoenix Online Business Associate Degree program receive training in the following: Business management. Information technology. Economics. International business. Legal and ethical issues in business. Such training prepares students for a lucrative business administration career, and typically earns them an extra $128 weekly, compared to high school graduates.

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