Business Administration Salaries

One of the most important considerations to make when considering an education and career is salary. The salaries in Business Administration vary greatly since the field offers such diverse opportunities in many different industries. Hence, salaries are influenced by such factors as type of industry, department, and the education and experience of the Business Administration employee. Salaries for Business Administration also vary by state, region, and city. As with most careers, salaries in the business administration arena increase with education and the level of degree attained by the employee. A college degree is the most influential tool when negotiating salary.

Business Administration Salaries

There are many resources available for the Business Administration employee looking for a salary increase. The Internet offers many websites that offer salary statistics according to job title and state/region. It is important to be educated regarding the salary averages of your area and job title before beginning to negotiate salary. These sites also offer illustration of the major differences in salary in particular Business Administration positions among employees that possess college degrees and those employees that do not. As expected, salaries in every area of the United States are lower among employes in the Business Administration field that do not possess a college degree. Additionally, the difference in salaries among employees possessing a Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate degree are illustrated as increasing with the level of education.

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Several colleges offer continuing education in Business Administration for the employee looking to negotiate or increase salary. The University of Phoenix, Westwood College, and Capella University all offer programs in the Business Administration industry. These colleges, in addition to many others, offer the Business Administration employee the opportunity to advance and negotiate/increase salary conveniently by enabling the student to complete degrees online while still working full-time. It has never been more convenient than now to seek and obtain a college degree to increase or negotiate salary.

The good news for those seeking a career in Business Administration is that its opportunities and specialties are so diverse and its students are in high demand in every field, making salaries very negotiable between the employee and the employer, provided that the employee seeks further knowledge and skills through college education.

If you are considering an education in Business Administration, take time to research salary statistics in the industry and department that you plan to specialize in, noting that your salary improves with the level of degree you attain. Below are outlined some of the national average salaries for many of the most common Business Administration titles.

  • Marketing Manager – $137,797
  • Plant Manager – $104,619
  • Property Manager – $47,066
  • Productions Control Manager – $54,198
  • Payroll Manager – $61,743
  • Public Relations Manger – $66,194
  • Contract Adminitrations Manager – $79,842
  • Loan Branch Manger – $75,583
  • Personnel Manager – $69,403
  • Sales Manager – $58,258
  • Benefits Manager – $67,582
  • Account Executive – $40,371
  • Accountant – $42,615
  • Account Manager – $71,119
  • Parks Administration Director – $75,914
  • Family Resources Director – $75,830
  • Employment Services Director – $75,765
  • Employee Relations Manager – $65,788
  • EEO Supervisor – $56,010
  • Consumer Affairs Director – $75,577
  • Community Center Director – $75,532
  • Business Consultant – $71,972
  • Bank President – $76,193
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