Business Associate Degree Single Moms Prefer University of Phoenix Online Programs

“Education is a ticket out of poverty and to gaining self-respect,” says Evelyn Dutch, a single mom. However, sitting in a classroom after a long work day, and finding childcare, are real obstacles for single moms. How are women like Evelyn Dutch earning a business associate degree while maintaining their parenting responsibilities?

Single Moms Find Flexible Business Associate Degree Program at University of Phoenix

With online degree programs and campus locations throughout the U.S., University of Phoenix offers a flexible Business Associate degree for single moms. Moms can schedule classes according to their needs or even choose to take classes entirely online. In addition to the business associate degree, University of Phoenix offers other flexible degrees, including:

Business Associate Degree Single Moms Prefer University of Phoenix Online Programs
  • Associate Degree in Criminal Justice.
  • RN to Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  • Bachelor of Science in Communications.
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) .

University of Phoenix Offers Affordable Business Associate Degree Program for Single Moms

Single mothers often feel the financial burden of a one-income household. At University of Phoenix, staff members are considerate of the unexpected financial difficulties faced by single moms. Students are given a 100% refund if they must cancel prior to the first day of instruction. Single moms can also apply many sources of federal financial aid to the University of Phoenix Business Associate degree.

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University of Phoenix is helping single moms boost earnings and expand their career options. Prospective students may request additional information from the University of Phoenix Business Associate degree program by filling out an information request form.

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