Business Management Degree Top Degrees for Professionals Who Want to Start Their Own Businesses

What makes people like Bill Gates, Donald Trump, and Martha Stewart successful beyond their wildest dreams? In reality, there is no black and white instruction manual for creating a successful business empire. However, many aspiring entrepreneurs are heading back to the classroom for one of these 5 business degrees to develop their business sense and to increase their chances of success.

1. Bachelor Degree in Management with an E-Business Emphasis

The business management degree in E-Business equips students with an understanding of the global electronic market. Specific skills sets acquired at the completion of the business management degree include marketing, advertising, and information technology.

Business Management Degree Top Degrees for Professionals Who Want to Start Their Own Businesses

2. Bachelor Degree in Management with a Sales and Marketing Emphasis

Students learn about market research and effective sales techniques with this business management degree. Whether considering a business that offers a product or a service, sales and marketing are central to business growth.

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3. Bachelor of Science in Business with a Finance Emphasis

A finance business management degree helps students learn how to properly manage cash flow in business start-ups. In addition to writing, oral communication, and other professional skills, the business management degree focuses on the development of effective financial decision making skills and an understanding of global finance.

4. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Students looking for a broad business management degree may be best suited for the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. In this business management degree, students acquire an all-encompassing skill set, including financial accounting, managerial finance, quantitative analysis, economics, marketing, and business-based research.

5. Associate Degree in Business and Management

Not all successful business owners have a bachelor business management degree on their resumes. Some professionals may simply need an educational jump-start with a two-year associate degree in business. The Associate of Applied Science in Business and Management is a streamlined business management degree that offers focused classes for business professionals.

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For a complete list of campus-based and online business management degree programs, students are encouraged to visit, the leading education and career resource website. Prospective students will also find links to informative articles for making education and career decisions in the field of business.