Career Options in Computer Science

Computers occupy a key position in today’s economy. Every kind of business big or small, utilize computers. This industry has grown manifold and the manufacturing, sales and maintenance of computers and its components has seen tremendous growth. Huge amount of money is constantly being invested worldwide in the development of high-speed, fibre- optic network for the better communication between the computers.

With the advancement and diversification of the functions of computers, (they perform almost every kind of function apart from entertainment), the career options in this filed has immensely increased. As an expert of Java code, you may program in any of the operating systems (Microsoft, UNIX, Linux, apple etc.)

System design and programming and electronics technology concentrates on the various machines and the chips (the primary engines). The main aim each and every company in the field of manufacturing computers is to manufacture such a machine which is faster and at the same time smaller or portable. Apart from the major manufacturing companies, there are hundreds others who manufacture products for the various computer systems, all of these companies are also a vital part of the computer science industry.

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Another fast growing part of this industry is the industry of video cards. With the increasing popularity of computer games, this has become the latest booming industry. People involved in the designing of these video cards should also know the electronic functions of the very computers on which it will be used. This is also the case with computer sound cards, printers, scanners and other peripheral devices.

Another important field of the Computer industry is computer networking. This field has acquired the position of a separate industry in the current context. Not only the business related documents of every kind, but also the financial information is constantly exchanged throughout the world. This requires networks within an organization and also between organizations in short for the whole world. Network engineering is such an academic and career option; it consists of designing of these complex networks and also the designing of the paraphernalia for the efficient functioning of the networks. The speed of the network router (modem) is as crucial to business efficiency as the speed of the computer. This designing of the paraphernalia for the computers is one area which may never see a slump, as there is always a place for better and improved equipments.

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Designing and installation of office networks has also turned out to be a massively developing business at the retail level. Small businesses with a handful of employees have also appreciated the worth of networking. These small enterprises are also a great source of income as they have the need of repair, expansion.

As this field is more or less related to the exchange of information, the security of such information has a very high priority here.

Another important field of the networked computer science world is Cyber-security. The need to protect the information from hackers is a thing of high priority. The hackers continuously develop new ways and methods to hijack information, therefore the need for constant upgrading the software. The whole software market is also very much involved in the preservation of security and builds a secure environment.

The options listed above are only a few of the areas of specialization. The computer industry knows no bounds for the right person with the right aptitude. There are new avenues also which come up as the industry progresses.

Career Options in Computer Science

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