Career Overview College Admissions Recruiter

A career as a college admissions recruiter is a very rewarding career for the right person. Below we take an in-depth look at the career, and what it takes to be successful.


College recruiters are required to have a bachelor’s or master’s degree. It is helpful to have a degree in communications, business or marketing, but is not necessary. The job is often awarded to people right out of college.

Work environment and duties

The work environment is fast paced yet pleasant. Recruiters are often assigned to specific territories that they are responsible for recruiting in. Travel is a large part of the job. Admissions recruiters visit high schools, college fairs and other events where there are potential students looking to attend college. Much of the time away from the office entails making presentations to individuals and groups about the benefits of the college or university. They as spend a lot of time doing follow up phone calls and tracking where they have visited.

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College admissions recruiters typically work with other departments within their college or university. It is important they know up to date information about programs and services offered by the school in order to convey accurate information to interested parties such as students and parents.

Characteristics and attributes of successful admissions recruiters

Successful admissions recruiters must be comfortable presenting information to large and small groups. This is the most important aspect of their job. Being able to comfortably speak in public with an upbeat, professional and influential style is paramount.

Admissions counselors must also have a very positive and upbeat attitude. This makes their presentations more affective, and gives potential students and their parents feel good about enrolling at the institution.

Another aspect of the job requires them to be highly organized. They must be able to properly schedule their time to meet with potential students and other interested stakeholders. Being on time for presentations as well as following up on leads is critical. The job is important because recruiters serve as a main pipeline for admissions.

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Career outlook

Many recruiters go on to high level positions within the college or university because they know so much about the institution. The average pay depends on the school. Public institutions generally pay more than private institutions. The average salary for a college admissions recruiters is $47,000 per year, but varies on experience, location and school.

Career Overview College Admissions Recruiter

The career outlook is strong as competition for students continues to grow. Recruiters are seen as valuable employees who bring in paying students to the institution. The job is expected to grow faster than the average occupation.

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