College Application Essay – Tips on How to Make Your Essay Better

College application essay is not an easy task for any student. It is meant to show off all your knowledge, skills and talents, and thus make sure you are accepted to the college you dream of.

Only the right approach to writing college application essay can guarantee its quality, admission committee satisfaction and the result you expect. As with any other paper every student faces in university or college, the first step to write a good admission essay is choosing a topic. Here you have to listen both to your heart and mind. You gave to be passionate about the topic and the things you are going to talk about in your essay. But it is also important to choose one that will give you the chance to position yourself as an interesting personality and showcase your best qualities, skills and achievements – the thing the committee will definitely pay attention to!

College Application Essay Examples & Samples

Anyone who is going to acquire tertiary education faces the challenge of writing a college application essay. This kind of paper is really special because its aim is to show the admission committee all the best sides of a candidate. It is one of the most important aspect of any application process. In general this kind of work belongs to medium difficulty. It is not as hard as an exam, but can influence greatly the future of any student. 

It is hard to overrate the value of an admission essay. Years ago a research was held that mention several TOP important factors in application process. Among them are the strength of curriculum, marks and grades, admission test result. But it was also mentioned that an application essay makes 30% of probability the applicant will be accepted to the college. So a powerful, amazing, and impressive paper can rescue potential student. 

To write a really good admission essay the author should review at least several samples. They will help him or her to create the best structure of the future text.

College Application Essay Format

The main parts of all the papers are introduction, body, and conclusion. And application essay has the same structure. You may also ask colleagues or professionals to help writing qualitative paper, if you are not sure of your own skills. But often the structure depends on the type of paper.

If you aspire to write amazing essay then follow the expert advice. Guidelines are specific to the topic of an essay. Let’s take a look at a few examples:

1. The story of myself. If you decided to tell about your personality then put all the efforts to introduce yourself. The most important tips in this case are:

– use only one situation. It would be very difficult to read the long story of your whole life. 

– pick up those stories that are really allowed to share. Not every part of your life can be told to the admission committee. 

2. The ‘why’ stories. This topic is totally dedicated to the important question why the student has chosen the exact college, career, etc. In this type of application essay writers should:

– speak only about those subjects student is good at. 

– the essay must be totally sincere. The lie is really a prohibited thing in writing. 

3. Creative essay. It is an opportunity to demonstrate students’ unusual way of thinking. That’s why the following tips are important:

– writer must keep his creative minds in his own hands, because too much creativity in the paper is sometimes worse than its absence. 

– it is also important to write in informative way. The basic task of application essay is to convince admission committee in your talents.

College Applications Essay Help

So college application essay is a paper everyone faces with. This kind of paper is really special because it is meant to show the admission committee all the best sides of candidate. It is one of the most important pieces of students’ application. 

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