Colleges and Universities in Alberta, Canada Pursuing Online and Campus-based Education in Alberta, Canada

Businesses are heading to Alberta to take advantage of a rapidly growing economy and the lowest taxes in Canada. Colleges and universities in Alberta are training students to compete for top jobs in Calgary and Edmonton. College graduates in Alberta are enjoying Canada’s highest level of economic freedom and some of the most diverse industries in the country.

Colleges and Universities in Alberta, Canada Pursuing Online and Campus-based Education in Alberta, Canada

Working Professionals find Flexible Education Options at Alberta Colleges and Universities

Colleges and universities in Alberta are accommodating to the variety of lifestyles and educational needs of working professionals. Many schools are offering combinations of campus-based and online degree programs. Some of Alberta’s most flexible universities include:

University of Phoenix: Calgary College Campus and Online Degree Programs.

Kaplan University: Online Degree Programs.

Capella University: Online Degree Programs.

Alberta College Graduates Find Employment in Exciting Local Industries

Much of Alberta’s economic diversity is located in the Edmonton-Calgary region. It is the fastest-growing region in the country and serves as the commercial hub for all of Canada. College graduates are currently finding employment in exciting industries, such as:

  • Alberta Petrochemical Industry.
  • Alberta Telecommunications.
  • Alberta Banking.
  • Alberta Printing and Publishing. Alberta Tourism.
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Top Canada Companies Hire Graduates of Alberta Colleges and Universities

A recent Canada’s Most Respected Corporations Survey found that 4 of Canada’s top 25 companies are headquartered in Calgary, Alberta. College and universities in Calgary and Edmonton are training students to compete for prime positions in companies like:

  • EnCana Corporation, based in Calgary.
  • WestJet Airlines Ltd., headquartered in Calgary.
  • Enbridge, Inc., operated from Calgary. Petro-Canada, based in Calgary.
  • Intuit Inc., headquartered in Alberta.
  • TransAlta Corporation, operated from Alberta.
  • Shaw Communications Inc., based in Alberta.
  • Nexen Inc., headquartered in Alberta.

Alberta college graduates will be eligible for some of Alberta’s best job opportunities over the coming years. As the economy continues to diversify, employers will search for workers with specialized training in business, nursing, engineering, criminal justice, and more. Prospective students may request more information from any degree program by clicking on the above Alberta university of choice. More links to colleges and universities available in Alberta can be found at, the leading education and career resource website.

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