Colleges for the Health Care Professions

Universities that have teaching hospitals are typically connected with nursing school and medical schools. The variety of other disciplines in the health care field do not require six years of study or a degree from a university. Online colleges as well as traditional colleges and universities have been the means through which medical technicians and other support staff, and non-medical administrative professionals have started their careers.

Trade schools and specialty institutions provide certification for individuals who are interested in careers as dental technicians, x-ray technicians, and nursing assistants. There are many courses of study available through online schools and traditional colleges for those interested in health management positions.

Health administration degrees at any post-secondary level are available through the University of Phoenix Online. There is a comprehensive list of professional opportunities provided by their online program. Phoenix offers several different nursing degrees, including Health Care Education, Integrative Health Care, Health Care Management and a dual Master’s degree in Nursing and Business Administration. They also provide a curriculum for a doctorate in Health Administration and nurse practitioner program.

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Quite a few health care career options are covered by Colorado Technical University’s programs, and a majority of them are available online. The degree programs that they offer include Health Information Technology, Health care Administration, Massage Therapy, Medical Assistant, Nursing, Practical Nursing, Radiography and Surgical Technology.

Westwood College offers online degree programs in some levels of health care management, medical insurance coding and billing, and other degrees in medical assisting.

Colleges for the Health Care Professions

Another online college is CDI College that offers specialized programs that prepare students for the medical support field. Programs at CDI College include training for two types of medical office staff jobs, medical laboratory assistants, medical assistants and massage therapists. Certification for several different positions like orthopedic assistants, occupational therapy, childcare assistants. This school also offers nine different classifications of dental office worker programs online.

Cappella University offers about twenty degree programs in psychology, counseling, health related social work, and health care administration. Their programs concentrate on therapy and counseling. They even have a curriculum for family therapy and marriage counseling, as well as school and sports psychology.

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It is obvious that trade schools and online colleges have many programs with narrow focuses. There is health care training at every type of institution, and a good number of them are available through online programs. A broad number of specialties and associate’s bachelor’s, master’s and even doctorate degrees are available online and on campuses.