Commerce 101 – The Business Administration Certificate

A certificate in business is an introductory program to the world of business, an educational option that can be invaluable to those of us who need a change – midstream or otherwise. It is an opening gambit for people who recognize the value of graduate work in business and who would like to open a business but have little understanding of the operational basics.

Typically, a business certificate program is a one year introduction to the principles and practices of business, although some schools offer concentrated courses that can be completed in a shorter period. Often you will find that a school will provide for areas of concentration within their certificate offerings. One institution offers a business essentials concentration, an MBA foundation, and an international business concentration.

With those options you can have your eye on entrepreneurship, an MBA, or a leg up when applying for a midlevel position with a multinational corporation. A business certificate is a solid initial step in continuing education for those wishing to crack the business world and can contribute to a resume in virtually any job search. Not much has changed since Calvin Coolidge commented that “The business of America is business.”

Commerce 101 - The Business Administration Certificate

Courses typically will range through statistics, accounting practices, the fundamentals of economics and other business basics. But those interested will also find instruction on marketing, guidelines for handling personnel and import- export practices. Capella University offers a certificate in Professional Project Management. Boston University Metropolitan College offers certificates in Business Management, Marketing, and International Business Management. There are enough business certificate programs now available that students can browse for the areas of concentration in which they are interested.

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Some programs offer just the basics. One accredited online college has a business certificate program that can be done in as little as six months, if you have the time to devote to it. Some certificate programs are designed to sharpen the skills and broaden the opportunities for people who have secured a professional position. For that reason, many of their courses are taught at night and/or online. It is important for potential students to keep in mind that distance learning opportunities are expanding rapidly. If an established campus has a program that interests the individual, a simple phone call will indicate whether that program has been made available online.

A certificate in business can lead in a number of directions but, most importantly, it will get the potential student noticed. Student can tailor the certificate classes to focus on their professional area of interest. They come in all sorts of packages as well: online, in the classroom, at night; through local institutions and virtual universities. If the desire to move forward in the business world exists, the business certificate is a great first step.

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