Computer Science Career Options

If you read a list of job postings for computer science, many of them have very specific requirements. “Three year’s experience working with C++…Strong skills with Oracle (SQL)…” It seems as if most firms that are looking for help in the computer science field are looking for experience, in many cases more so than any particular degree. What is clear, however, is that the only way to learn these computer programming languages and networking architecture is by studying computer science. So rather than get into specific job descriptions that change with each job listing, this article will address the fields, or types of employment within the industry.

Software Development is a primary field of endeavor in the computer industry. Professionals in this field must be familiar with the major operating systems and business software programs. It is important to be familiar with with programming languages such as C++ and computer protocols that are used to network computers using the same application.

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Research Analysis is an open field for people who are familiar with database programs and usage. Often these positions are with government agencies that issue annual reports based on the analysis of massive amounts of data. The Department of Labor issues quarterly reports on employment statistics. They must have a group of data analysts in place to put those reports together. The same is true for state agencies and for many large corporations that analyze their economic performance continually.

System Administration and Security: Virtually all mid- to large-sized businesses have computer networks at the core of their operations. Computer science graduates who have specialized in network oversight can find work keeping those networks running and expanding them as businesses grow. Information security is vital in both the public and private sector, which is why it has become a major area of focus in many computer science degrees.

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Product Engineers and specifically, electrical engineers with an understanding of computer functions are always in demand. New product development is an extremely competitive area for companies that produce chip driven products. This is true both in the consumer industry and for businesses that manufacture communications equipment, both hardwire and wireless. Speed to market is often the principle element in commercial success.

Computer Science Career Options

Network Design: Companies that are growing are constantly updating hardware and hardware configurations. This often means redesigned systems rather than expansion of old systems. Businesses that are growing from one site to multiple business locations are faced with distance networking as well as the intranets within headquarters buildings. While networking equipment is designed to be modular, no two networks are exactly alike.

Computer science is a field that deserves some study of the marketplace as well as the academic pursuit. Even then, where your career path will take you is only an educated guess. However it is worthwhile to consider the electives in computer science and match them as closely as you can with the type of job you wish to pursue upon graduation.

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