Considering an online Graphic Design degree Discover what it takes to compete.

Many talented individuals are attracted to the field of graphic design, but what does it take to be successful in today’s competitive market? Creative, open-minded, and self-directed are just a few descriptive terms of successful graphic designers. They also know how to express themselves through writing, speaking, and visual art. They pay attention to detail, work well under pressure, and manage their time effectively. According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook from the U.S. Department of Labor, these are the necessary tools for success in the field of graphic design.

Gifted students who are attracted to the field of art design are entering programs like the online graphic design degree from Westwood College. With an online graphic design degree, students are prepared to compete for a variety of attractive entry level positions. Graphic designers perform any number of tasks from working on promotional brochures to working on the design of unique logos for new companies. Intermediary and more advanced designers may also create the layout of magazines, newspapers, and other publications. As of late, graphic designers are increasingly called upon to develop web pages and other multimedia projects.

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A quick scroll through the Occupational Outlook Handbook reveals that potential employers are as numerous as the different roles filled by graduates with an online graphic design degree. Design service companies are one of the largest employers of graphic designers. A graduate with an online graphic design degree may also work at advertising firms, publishing houses, or motion picture production firms. While the employment possibilities are plentiful, three out of ten graphic designers choose to engage in freelance work or start a business of their own.

Most positions in graphic design require a college degree. An Associate of Arts (AA) in Graphic Design, such as the Online Graphic Design Degree at Westwood College, is a very good starting place for learning and beginning the mastery of the technical requirements for a graphic design career. Westwood boasts that its graduates are prepared for a variety of entry-level positions in the field of graphic design. Students who already possess a Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Arts, will be even stronger competitors as employers look for workers with a strong educational background. A previous history in courses such as writing, psychology, sociology, history, and cultural studies help a graphic design artist to better understand the content and significance of various projects.

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Many creative and artistic individuals who are inspired to pursue a career in graphic design are materializing their aspirations through completing an online graphic design degree. Numerous colleges and universities across the country have developed very sophisticated distance education programs that allow students to enroll in classes while maintaining their current responsibilities. Distance programs can teach everything from digital illustration to web page design. An online graphic design degree is turning out to be the perfect way for many students to put their creative talents to practical and professional work.

Considering an online Graphic Design degree Discover what it takes to compete.

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