Criminal Justice Degrees From ITT Technical Institute

ITT Technical Institute operates eighty campuses in thirty states, offering career-focused educational programs to its students. It has five areas of study, one of which is criminal justice. The ITT Tech facility in Indianapolis has an online education program that provides associate’s and bachelor’s degrees in criminal justice. They also have a bachelor’s degree available in criminal justice that specializes in cyber security.

The full title for the associate’s degree is Associate in Applied Science in Criminal Justice. The curriculum includes introductory courses for the criminal justice system and skills required for the various professional positions within it. Courses cover law enforcement, corrections and the criminal courts.

The associate program covers the criminal legal system and its standards in detail. Focus on law enforcement is substantial as well. Graduates of this program will have the technical skills to enter into employment in a number of positions within the system. This course should meet or exceed the entry level educational requirements of virtually any police department in the country.

Criminal Justice Degrees From ITT Technical Institute

ITT’s bachelor’s program in criminal justice builds on the educational base developed for the associate’s program. Extended study of law enforcement includes the tools of the trade such as forensics, technological development of evidence, investigative techniques and the body of law on evidence. Course work on the criminal justice system includes the development of juvenile justice programs as well as correctional and rehabilitation models

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The bachelor’s program gets into the study of criminology, the research and analytical side of criminal justice. Use of computer programs to capture, manipulate and analyze date is one topic of study. That course will focus as well on using statistical data to make decisions on what the data shows and what changes might be made as a result of the conclusions drawn. Criminology takes the wealth of data on crime incidents and criminal profiles and applies the knowledge gleaned from it to proposals for improvements in law enforcement.

The third criminal justice degree available from ITT Tech is the bachelor’s in criminal justice – cyber security. This program of study will also provide a solid foundation in the criminal justice system. The workings of the courts systems, both juvenile and adult, will be covered as well as corrections theory and practice. Law enforcement and investigative practices are part of the program along with the law as it applies to law enforcement activities.

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The “cyber” portion of the program includes, among many other things: operating system security, trust management, security auditing and intrusion detections. The technology component is covered in depth, with the study of firewalls, virtual local area networks, virtual private networks and backup and disaster security measures. Identification and authorization techniques, smart cards and risk mitigation continue the technical portion of the program.

The program goes beyond cyber-crime to study the role of technology in criminal justice as well as communication and the mechanisms of social control – other elements that extend this degree into the field of criminology and round out the field of study.

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