Decline in Applications for Online MBA Degrees. Myth or Fact

Business Week Online has reported that there is a sharp decline in the number of MBA applicants. The reason behind this is thought to be that the students are opting for part time, executive or non USA programs.

There is a general feeling that a more universal education for management is required to cater to the escalating global economy. If you are not moving ahead in your professional life, this decline may prove to be a boon. For if there are less MBA’s around, the chances of you exploiting the situation increases. Thus, making a secure future for you.

If you do not possess a MBA degree, you are probably being regularly superceded. A degree or an advanced course will immensely benefit you. But if you are unable to quit your day job, have a family to support or cannot move to another place, you still have options open for you.

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You may be aware of online courses. More so about the online MBA programs. You may have a feeling that they are no as influential as a usual on campus degree. It might appear to you as not the real thing but you are wrong here. Increasingly large numbers of companies are hiring candidates with online MBA degree. They don’t discriminate between the candidates on the basis of type of course completed to obtain the degree.

At present, approximately 19,000 students have enrolled in the University of Phoenix for online degree programs. The website for MBA Business Schools offer a listing of schools and details of the programs offered by them, online or on campus and a comparioson of both. There are about 150 schools listed and a brief synopsis of each school and its philosophy.

Decline in Applications for Online MBA Degrees. Myth or Fact is another useful site which helps to decide the type of schools that suits you best. It outlines the curriculum of the program, its duration, delivery method, placement opportunities offered, networking capability and financing of your enrollment.

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Finally what you have to understand is that advanced knowledge has a role in furthering your career and providing you with better job options. If less people are enrolling in online or say traditional MBA programs, it doesn’t mean that the degree is not valuable. Advanced education and degree is useful tool in the financial workplace, including the global economy. A degree in related specialization goes a long way in making or breaking a career. Many a times, seemingly negative statistics as decrease in MBA enrollment by some organizations, can make things better for you.

So don’t wait for changes to happen. Change them yourself. Discover the diversity of options out there waiting for you. You won’t regret the decision. Advanced education and training always reaps positive results.