Degree in Criminal Justice Discover a Career as a Police Officer

Many professionals who choose to enter law enforcement are attracted to the challenging and personally-satisfying aspects of the profession. Appealing salary and benefits packages attract still more to the field. Many agencies actually offer a pension after 25 to 30 years of service, which allows officers to enter a second career in their 40’s or 50’s. However, the attractive aspects of the profession have resulted in high competition for desirable positions. Despite the heightened competitiveness of the field, interested students can earn what it takes to get boosted to the top of the application pile. What do Police Officers do on a Daily Basis?

Police offers are law enforcement agents charged with enforcing local, state, and federal laws. They are also responsible for keeping the public peace by patrolling while on duty and looking for any deviations from legal conduct. A large part of a police officer’s duties include documenting situations in which he or she is involved and appearing in court as a witness. Police are also typically relied upon for response to emergency situations. They must be prepared to respond to any and all situations as needed.

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Educational Requirements to Become a Police Officer

Standards vary by jurisdiction, but federal and state agencies usually require an applicant to have a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice or a related discipline. In addition to earning a criminal justice degree, applicants must pass a number of written, psychological, and physical examinations. Successful applicants typically attend a 12- to 14-week training program prior to assuming an official post.

Students interested in becoming a police officer sometimes choose to earn a criminal justice degree online. Warren National University is one online college for a criminal justice degree that offers a program which prepares its graduates for a variety of jobs with a criminal justice degree. Its criminal justice degree is specifically designed for the mid-career professional and focuses on both administrative and hands-on aspects of the profession.

Qualities for Success as a Police Officer

Hiring agencies look for individuals with a degree in criminal justice who are honest, responsible, and possess good judgment. Choosing to become a police officer as a career with criminal justice credentials necessitates awareness of the fact that police work is often dangerous and stressful. Candidates must be in good physical condition to meet the frequently strenuous demands of the job.

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Job Outlook for Police Officers

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics expects police officer job opportunities to grow between 18 and 26% through the year 2018. The availability of jobs depends on government spending and grants to local agencies. High-paying state and federal positions are expected to be quite competitive, whereas local and special police departments, as well as high crime urban locations, will be less competitive. Opportunities will be greatest for individuals who earn a degree in criminal justice or a related discipline.

Degree in Criminal Justice Discover a Career as a Police Officer

Students interested in pursuing a career as a police officer or who would like to enter alternative jobs with a criminal justice degree may contact Warren National University for more information., the education and career resource, is another valuable source of information with an extensive list of available programs and education resources.

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