Delaware Colleges and Universities Pursuing Online and Campus-based Education

Although it is the second smallest state in the nation, Delaware prides itself as the first state to enter the union and offers some of the best educational opportunities in the country. Significant employers, such as Dover Air Force Base, enhance an already thriving economy. Dover universities, Wilmington colleges, and New Castle schools are but a few of the top Delaware colleges and universities. Working professionals can expect to find superior training resources for starting or advancing a career in the state of Delaware.

Top Delaware Employers Provide Exciting Opportunities for Delaware College Graduates

Delaware university students study to enter prominent industries, such as government, health care, education, and business. The Department of Labor for the state of Delaware lists the following private companies as the top 9 employers for graduates of Delaware universities and colleges:

  1. Delaware Bank of America.
  2. Delaware E I Dupont De Nemours Co.
  3. Delaware Christiana Care Health Services.
  4. Delaware J P Morgan Chase.
  5. Delaware Astrazeneca.
  6. Delaware Wal-Mart Associates, Inc.
  7. Mountaire Farms of Delaware, Inc.
  8. Delaware Bayhealth Medical Center.
  9. Delaware Alfred I Dupont Institute.
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Delaware Colleges and Universities

Delaware Economy Proves to be One of the Healthiest in the Nation for Delaware College Graduates

With an unemployment rate nearly a full percentage point under the national average, Delaware boasts one of the strongest economies in the nation. Prospective students of Delaware colleges and universities can take comfort in the most recent statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau and Department of Labor:

  • Delaware’s unemployment rate for September, 2006 was 3%.
  • Delaware median household income is $50,445, over $4,000 above the national average.
  • 430,400 people are employed in the state of Delaware.

Delaware University Students Have Access to Ample Delaware Financial Aid Programs

Thanks to the Delaware Higher Education Commission, students at Delaware colleges and universities have multiple resources for financing their education goals. Delaware schools, such as Kaplan University and University of Phoenix, are often eligible to accept awards from Delaware grants and loans, including:

  • Delaware Scholarship Incentive Program.
  • Delaware Governor’s Workforce Development Grant.
  • Diamond State Scholarship.
  • Delaware Nursing Incentive Program.
  • Delaware State Loan Repayment Program for Health Professionals.
  • Delaware Engineering Society Scholarships.
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More information about attending Delaware schools and starting a career in “The First State” is available through, the leading education and career resource website. Prospective students will find access to an extensive list of Delaware colleges and universities as well as informative articles for making education and career decisions in the state of Delaware.