Earn an Accounting Degree Online

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the most cherished industries presently and during the next decade are employment services, health care, and consulting. Although these jobs may appear different they have one aspect that is common to all. All these professionals need an accounting professional.

There is endless job potential for accounting professionals. An accountant can work in public accounting firms, government, or even large companies. An accountant may prefer to be on his own and can become an independent Certified Public Accountant (CPA). Other few responsibilities of an accounting professional are to carry out audits, formulate budgets, make financial statements and manage expenditure.

All or any of the above mentioned could be an accounting professional’s daily job.

This field is rapidly growing. Accounting-related employment for individuals with a bachelor’s degree in accounting is predicted to increase by approximately 20% by the next few years. Converting statistics to figures, it means that over 200,000 new accountants will be required to meet the demand by the year 2017.

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The route to the degree is a long one, and need lot of on campus time, lot of classes to attend, pushing pencil and paper, and listening to a lecture, right?

Wrong! Latest accounting classes are so nice you can attend them anywhere, classes at home, at a cafe; on the beach anywhere you find an internet connection. These on line programs let you finish your studies anywhere you feel comfortable.

There are a number of online programs. They are very convenient to do also. This program is offered by many schools, and the student has a wide variety of options also. There are degree levels courses offered by some universities, such as: University of Phoenix Online (Associate of Arts in Accounting), Capella University (Bachelor of Science (BS) in Business – Accounting), Colorado Technical University (Master of Business Administration (MBA) – Accounting).

All levels of accounting programs can be found online, Associate’s, Bachelor’s, and Master’s.

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Coming to the main point: Salary Projections

An accounting degree can be very beneficial. According to HotJobs.com the remuneration for an average entry-level accountant is $39,000. Armed with higher levels of accounting degrees the salaries may reach the $70,000 range. Based on the type of industry and experience, accounting professionals can earn easily up to six figures.

How to find an Accredited Online Accounting Degree course

There are many search tools available on the web. College-Pages.com, the leading education and career resource website, maintains a list of top accounting colleges and online degree courses. To obtain the details, fill a brief information request form for an on-campus or online accounting school.

Next confirm if the school or university is accredited. Go to the school’s website and search for “accreditation.” You can even call the school’s admissions department and enquire about the accreditation and the name of their accreditation body. You may even search for the name of the school at the United States Department of Education’s Office of Postsecondary Education Web site.

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What is “accreditation,” what is its importance? An accredited school is on which adheres to the required educational quality and operations, the school is also appraised frequently to ascertain it. This means that, graduating from an accredited online degree course enhances the reliability of the student in the job market.

Finally, ask others about the prospective school. Better still take a virtual tour. Talk to the ex-students. Find out regarding the availability of financial aid and the procedure of its application.

Earn an Accounting Degree Online

Now you can go forward and enroll. Study hard and believe in yourself. Achieve your dreams and secure your future.