Earning a Business Law Degree

Does it seem to you that some sort of legal implication surrounds every decision made in business today? Everywhere we turn there is a need for advanced business knowledge. The present global economy dictates a strong background in business as well as law. The combination of business and law is a powerful one which will yield incredible job opportunities, making it a very practical field to consider.

Small business owners as well as the traditional business community require business law expertise. It is needed in the formation of corporate businesses, corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, business development strategies and complex contract negotiations.

One of the legal issues involved with business law are selecting the type of organizational entity under which a business will operate. It includes reparation of all agreements, sale and purchase of businesses, employee relations and dissolution of businesses.

There are several options available to obtain a Business Law Degree. One example is the Concord Law School, which offers a Juris Doctor degree. This program is for students interested in receiving business training in addition to their law degree. Students graduating from this discipline understand the practice of law and the complexities of the legal world. This program blends the theory of law with the practical aspects of the contemporary corporate environment. Graduates enjoy the flexibility of pursing a career in law, business or both. The employment record of Concord Law School’s graduates include highly paid positions at places like the Limited, eBay, Boeing and Wendy’s. The program is offered on a full-time or part-time basis.

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Another option is California State University, Northridge that offers a Business Law Degree in cooperation with departments in the College of Business and Economics. The mission of that school is that students will be able to recognize and analyze legal issues in the traditional business environment. It prepares students for leadership in the complex global economy, making them effective communicators and ethical decision makers.

Earning a Business Law Degree

Peirce College has a business law concentration with an introduction to business and legal studies. It offers marketable business skills. The Business Law Degree options are: Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration with a Concentration in Business Law, including a work- based learning component; Associate in Science Degree in Business Administration, Concentration in Business Law, allowing entry level positions in public and private sectors, and a Certificate of Proficiency in Business Law, designed for students who already have a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.

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The John Marshall Law School offers a degree in International Business and Trade Law at the graduate level. This degree offers graduates a chance to be well-situated in practice in today’s competitive global legal market in the United States and throughout the world.

Because legal implications arise in every aspect of business, it seems that a Business Law Degree is an excellent option to guarantee success in today’s job market. If you enjoy the intricacies of business and the law, this could be the degree for you.