Earning a Computer Technology Degree

For educational purposes, it is often convenient to separate the computer technology field into two areas: computer science and information technology. The reason for this is simply that the educational institutions seem to have made this division in their academic designs for courses of study.

Academically, computer science seems to have sprung from many schools‘ electrical engineering departments. In some cases, the computer sciences remain there and a school may offer a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering with specialization in computer science. Other universities – and online colleges – have dedicated entire departments and/or separate courses of study to computer science.

The field of information technology (IT) has developed as data generated by computers has become essential in the everyday economic functions of this country and most others. Information technology pervades our everyday lives. The Internet is a manifestation of information technology; as is the ATM machine, e-mail, the automated gas pump at the filling station, and the timed stoplights on our boulevards. Electronically transmitted data has become an essential social reality.

Earning a Computer Technology Degree

Getting an education in these fields and seeking a related career is a good bet on the future. Degrees in computer science and in information technology are available at every degree level, from associate to doctorate.

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There are also degrees in associated fields, such as networking (for IT) and microelectronics (for computers). Traditional colleges and universities all have academic resources committed to these fields of study. However, as the traditional college experience has become costly and remains time-consuming, increasing numbers of people are turning to online education as a practical alternative.

Accredited online colleges have become a resource for people wishing to switch careers or to climb the ladder in their current profession. For young people who must work to support themselves, online education has also become an alternative.

The University of Phoenix Online orients its technology courses through its school of business. As an example of what is available to the would- be student, here are the technology degrees offered by University of Phoenix Online: BS in Business/e-Business. BS in Business/Information Systems. BS in Information Technology. BS in Information Technology/Information System Security. BS in Information Technology/Visual Communications. MBA/Technology Management. MIS – Master of Information Systems. Doctor of Management/Information Systems and Technology.

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There are also IT degrees available from Kaplan University at both the associate’s and bachelor’s level. Their two-year associate’s programs include degrees in the following areas: AAS in Computer Information Systems. AASCIS/Java. AASCIS/Networking. AASCIS/Programming. AASCIS/Web Development.

Kaplan’s Bachelor Information Technology program includes: BS in Information Technology. BSIT/Database. BSIT/Multimedia and Animation. BSIT/Networking. BSIT/Programming. BSIT/Web Development.

These are only two of the many online opportunities out there for you to begin exploring your degree in information technology. These degrees can be achieved in less time than is required at a traditional university. It’s an investment in your future that is worth looking into.

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