Earning a Degree in Business Administration

Since the creation of formal business education, colleges of Business Administration began appearing with specialized trainings and certifications. With big business becoming so prevalent in the United States and formal business education being established, colleges of Business Administration are now offering more advanced degree and certification programs in the educational forum. These more advanced degrees offered by colleges of Business Administration can be focused on Management, Accounting, and Marketing, Employee Relations, and Information Technology.

Today there are several options when choosing a college of Business Administration. Never has it been more convenient to receive a continuing education than today, with most colleges of Business Administration focusing on flexibility for the student. This flexibility is offered through the ability of the student to now obtain a degree online and more convenient evening and weekend courses for those students who wish to attend classes. Colleges of Business Administration have made education more accessible in the past by offering distance learning courses, in which materials and lessons were sent through service. However, this convenience has now been surpassed by one of the most common sources for formal education today – the Internet. These online degrees are increasingly being accepted as just as valuable as degrees provided by traditional on-campus programs offered by colleges of Business Administration. Several Colleges of Business Administration offer financial assistance and credit for prior learning.

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In the college of Business Administration students may seek a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration as well as a Master’s and Doctorate degree. Colleges of Business Administration seek to prepare the individual to effectively organize companies, manage resources, oversee accounting and purchasing, analyze financials, develop critical and strategic thinking, and to manage risks and costs. Courses develop an understanding of management skills; the ability to work in a team based environment, and the comprehension and awareness of cultural issues in the business arena. Topics covered in degree programs offered by Colleges of Business Administration include Contract Procurement, IT Management, Financial Statement Analysis, Small Business Consulting, Legal Strategies, Personnel Management, Marketing Strategies, New Product Development, Business Forecasting, and Labor Economics. Several Master’s programs offer Mergers and Acquisitions, Advanced Corporate Finance, and Macrofinance.

Earning a Degree in Business Administration

Colorado Technical University offers a complete online degree program. Also offered at Colorado Technical University and other colleges of Business Administration are certification programs in Project Management, Information Technology, and Business Transformation. Specialty degrees are also offered by Colleges of Business Administration. Jones International University offers degrees in Business Administration with specialties in Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Global Enterprise Management, Health Care Management, Information Security Management, Information Technology management, Negotiation and Conflict management, and Project Management. Other Colleges of Business Administration offer specialties in Human Resource Management, e-Business, and Health Services.

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