Earning a Master’s Degree in Computer Science

In its broadest definition, computer science includes a number of academic specialties. Study of a computer’s functions begins with electronics and electrical engineering. Included as a matter of necessity is the study of computer operating systems: that path will lead before too long to software and databases. At that point, computer science branches into information technology (IT); somewhere between computer science and information technology you have the world of networking. In many universities, master’s degrees in information technology are available, and also in both computer science and networking. This holds true in for online education as well. We’ll take a look at all of them.

A bachelor’s degree in computer science is considered, in some academic circles, as a starting point in the sense that it provides the base education for a lot of career choices. Boston University’s Metropolitan College has an online degree in computer science that may allow the graduate “to prepare for careers in medicine, law, education, physical and life sciences, social sciences, and the humanities.” That’s a pretty broad spectrum of choices.

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Boston University’s online master’s degree in computer science is also called a master’s in computer information systems, with two areas of specialization. One is in the area of security: providing the graduate with the ability to develop “solutions to guarantee secure networks and computer systems…and the ability to identify, develop, and implement highly secure networks that support organizational goals.”

The other specialization at BU online is in database and knowledge management, which provides “the skills to integrate information technology with business problems and opportunities…and a thorough understanding of technological issues in addition to business concepts and fundamentals.”

This is an excellent illustration of the fashion in which a master’s in computer science leads the professional down an avenue of specialization. Online master’s programs are often the answer for people working in the industry that want to move higher up the ladder into management. As in most professional environments, a higher level of education means a higher degree of focus on one component of the business or another.

Earning a Master's Degree in Computer Science

University of Phoenix Online has a number of master’s programs in the information technology field. One is an MBA with a specialization in information technology – an example of business acumen being married to computer science skills. Kaplan University has the same online combination. University of Phoenix’s other master’s degrees involving computer science include a master’s degree in information systems, and a master’s in information systems management. Information systems in this instance almost always mean computer networks. Again, higher educational achievement leads to more focused specialization.

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Colorado Technical University has an online master’s degree in information systems security. This academic specialty is really about securing computer networks and the data that flows over them. Capella University’s online master’s program in IT offers the following networking specialties:

Information Technology General Information Security Network Architecture and Design Project Management and Leadership System Design and Programming

Master’s programs online are an efficient opportunity to gain the educational background for your next professional step. They often take less time than the programs at traditional universities, and they do not conflict with working hours. Clearly, you can find a master’s in computer science online that will take you in any direction you choose.

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