Earning a Technology Degree

Approximately half of the reputed universities and colleges offer some kind of off campus learning course. These courses are also called distance education programs. Though being off campus or distance learning, these courses are also mainstream source of training and education. A number of well-established online colleges provide courses for a number of vigorous technology programs.

Earning a Technology Degree

Degrees or programs in Technology usually revolve around the areas of computer science and IT. These online or distance learning schools provide education in both the above mentioned subjects. The technology degrees offered by these colleges are available for every degree level such as : Associate‘s degrees in technology, Bachelor‘s degrees in technology, Master‘s degrees in technology, Doctorate degrees in technology, Certification courses in technology.

To start with, an associate’s or bachelor’s degree is a good course if you are a beginner. Professionals in the IT industry usually keep updating themselves by constantly doing the latest courses and obtaining higher degrees. The online programs are of immense value to these professionals. Besides growth in the career, these courses also help in boosting confidence in the person.

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Kaplan University is a very widely known online school. It offers a number of comprehensive courses in the field of technology. The Associate’s of Science in Computer Information Systems degrees include: AAS in Computer Information Systems, AASCIS/Java, AASCIS/Networking, AASCIS/Programming, AASCIS/Web Development, AASCIS Wireless Networking.

Kaplan University’s Bachelor’s of Science in Information Technology degrees include: Advanced Start BS in Information Technology, BS in Information Technology, BSIT/Database, BSIT/Multimedia and Animation, BSIT/Networking, BSIT/Programming, BSIT/Web Development. These degrees cater to various jobs in the IT industry. This shows the range of jobs and degrees that are found in the technology world today. In Information technology, networking is an entirely different field totally separate from programming and software yet plays a very integral part in both. Web development is another field which is so big that it could he made into a totally separate subject. Java is just one aspect of Internet and animation courses. Database management and database security though appears similar are two different fields altogether. For those interested technology offers a vast spectrum of opportunities in earning a degree or a livelihood.

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West wood college online offers a variety of degrees. They are associate’s degree in computer networking and a Bachelor’s degree in computer network Management. One can earn the first degree to enter into the field of technology and later with some experience can go for the updated Bachelor’s program. The Bachelor’s program in Information systems security of the same college empowers you with the knowledge of database protection. To acquire knowledge in an area of technology, which is, totally different from the above mentioned, one can opt for Associate degree in software design.

Some of the important online courses for the technology industry is offered by warren National University Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering and Software engineering one two of them.

If you are interested in Kennedy-Western, they offer a Bachelor’s in Technology Management. For those having an interest in the technology and business, they can opt for a Bachelor’s in E-business.

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At traditional on campus colleges it takes 2 years to earn an Associate’s degree and four to earn a bachelor’s degree. In online colleges the course duration are short. That is why many students transfer credits from former college classes into these new courses. With accelerated learning techniques it takes about a year to year and half to complete an Associate’s degree and about 2-3 years for a Bachelor’s degree.