Earning an Education in Business Accounting

Maybe it’s just casual observation, but many times it seems that the small businesses that are troubled are businesses that find their accounting procedures to be drudgery or a mystery or both. Many times, financial crises in small businesses appear seemingly out of nowhere because the financial tracking system either isn’t there or isn’t functioning. Conversely, successful businesses use their accounting systems as tracking tools to anticipate problems like cash flow issues and use them also as analytical tools. A good accounting system in the hands of a businessman who knows what acceptable cost levels are is the most accurate planning device there is.

Many times, small business that are founded with the family checkbook and become rapidly successful can have a difficult transition into professional business keeping. For entrepreneurs who either want to keep the accounting in house or can’t afford to outsource it, a rapid education in business accounting is in order.

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General ledgers? Depreciation? Inventory? Balance Sheets? Income Statements? TAXES? When these strange and ominous terms surface as a home venture becomes a going concern, the newly minted CEO needs to do some reading on the basics. Problems of success are nice problems to have, but problems nonetheless. One of the most comprehensive and time-efficient methods of becoming a good business accountant is pursuing an online course of study.

The primary focus of most online colleges is continuing education. That can mean starting a college education from scratch or it can mean continuing education for people brushing up on new developments in their profession. Either way, the schools primarily serve people who have entered the workforce and want to move up the ladder or who need to acquire a new skill in a big hurry – such as our entrepreneur with a booming business and no books.

Accounting can be a reliable and rewarding profession on its own. It can also lead to more advanced financial management opportunities with further education. Both can be achieved through online education.

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Kaplan University offers an associate’s degree in business administration with specialization in accounting. They also have a bachelor’s degree available in accounting. Also included in their curricula are degrees in e-business, finance and just plain business. You can choose the level of your immediate needs, or you can opt for an educational improvement that will take you a few rungs up the ladder of your choice.

CDI College does not offer formal degrees in any subject, but they offer course work leading to certification in a number of areas. In each of their areas of concentration, they have certificate training in very specific categories. For accounting, a partial list of their choices includes:

Accounting and Computer Applications Accounting and Payroll Business Applications Specialist/Computerized Accounting Computerized Accounting Microcomputer Business Applications – Accounting

These are courses that can be taken in a matter of months. They can move an entry level employee from receptionist into the controller’s office, or can give a new and overwhelmed businessman the tools to get his enterprise under control. For a more comprehensive education in business accounting, University of Phoenix Online offers both a bachelor’s and an MBA in accounting. Every level of business accounting training and education can be found out on the internet.

Earning an Education in Business Accounting

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