Earning Your Computer Technology Education

Computer technology can be roughly divided into two academic areas: computer science and information technology.

Computer science is the physics, chemistry and mathematics behind chip design, computer design, and the functionality of all the pieces of hardware in the industry. Fiber optics and network router design are parts of computer science. In many universities, computer science majors are housed in the electrical engineering department, where the science began.

Information technology (IT) is often a separate field of study. The academic subdivisions of IT include: Networking. Database design. Maintenance and security. Software design. Computer programming.

Earning Your Computer Technology Education

Universities and colleges often offer information technology degrees with areas of concentration such as database design.

Technical schools do provide some technology certification programs in such areas as network maintenance and system security. More often, however, these operational jobs are taught at the level of an associate’s college degree.

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Online colleges provide degrees in computer technology that cover both areas of study. University of Phoenix Online has a fairly inclusive bachelor’s degree program in IT. Their technology school offers the following degrees: Associate of Arts in Information Technology. Associate of Arts in Information Technology/Networking. Associate of Arts in Information Technology/Visual Communication. Bachelor of Science in Business/ e-Business. Bachelor of Science in Business/Information Systems. Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. Bachelor of Science in Information Technology/Information System Security. Bachelor of Science in Information Technology/Visual Communications. Master of Business Administration/Technology Management. Master of Information Systems. Doctor of Management/Information Systems and Technology.

University of Phoenix wraps many of their IT majors into business degree programs. They do not offer courses in the area of computer science.

Colorado Technical University has an online program that qualifies as a computer school of its own. They offer a Bachelor of Science in Software Systems Engineering that combines electrical engineering with the integrative techniques used in computer design. It’s an interesting mix of academic focal points: Fundamentals of Computer Programming. Electrical Engineering Techniques. Database Design and Management. Software Engineering.

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Another online computer school is CDI College, which provides training programs in IT that prepare students for certification. Their scholastic selections include nine networking courses of study, including one designed to meet certification for Cisco network products and designs. They have five choices in the Programmer/Developer area, two of which are focused on the Web. CDI College also has a number of certification training programs. For software, they offer courses for business applications specialist and Microsoft Office specialist. CDI teaches certification courses for computer programmers and office information technology specialists, as well.

These are three online colleges with distinctly different types of curricula. CDI can make you a certified tech in a matter of several months. Colorado Technical University has degrees available in computer science and in software development. University of Phoenix focuses on the business side of IT. These are only three examples: a little research will find you the online tech school that you need if you haven’t found it here.

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