Earning Your Comupter Science Degree

One of the most popular college majors today is computer science. There are numerous specializations available within the field of computer science, as a result of the rapid development of the industry. Degrees in general computer science, or specific concentrations within computer science can be obtained at almost every college an university and through online educational establishments

Earning Your Comupter Science Degree

Quite a few universities have full departments dedicated to computer science. Four year colleges will require some core humanities courses, if you are pursuing a degree in computer science. Algebra and calculus are also common requirements. Some specific classes that are normally required are: Computer Science I: Programming, Computer Science II: Data Structures, and Principles of Programming Algorithms.

Beyond this base of courses, a computer science major may also be required to take classes like: Digital Logic, Operating Systems, User Interface Design, Software Engineering: Methods and Tools, Object Oriented Programming and Design, Theory of Computation, Database and Information Systems, and Numerical Computation. These classes that are included in the curriculum for a bachelor’s degree in computer science focus on the functions of the machines rather than its hardware.

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For focus on hardware, one school in particular has another department set aside called The Electrical and Computer Engineering Department. There is much more math and science involved in a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Pre-major requirements include Calculus, Calculus for Engineers, Chemistry for Engineers, Physics, and Introduction to Engineering. Once approved for the major, the required courses include Computers as Components Circuits/Electronics I, II & III Digital Logic Linear Systems Electromagnetic Fields and Waves Computer Organization Additional labs and electives involve optical electronics, solid state, semiconductor devices, etc.

That is the basic outline of a typical course of study at a four year college. Other online institutions offer similar programs under computer science, but many of them focus more on specific career opportunities. These include information technology or information security, software programming and information management. Online colleges tend to tailor programs to assist professionals in qualifications for certain job categories and work environments.

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Online degrees are available at Warren National University in computer science, E-Business and E-Commerce Management, Information Systems, Software Engineering, Management of Technology, and Electrical Engineering.

Kaplan University offers a bachelor’s degree in information technology with the following concentrations: the web, networking, database, multimedia and animation and programming. Boston University online provides certification in software engineering and a bachelor’s degree in computer science.

Online programs are generally more concentrated on specific aspects of computer science, and it usually takes less time to earn a degree online than it does at a traditional university. You may be able to transfer credits from a regular college to shorten the time it takes to get a degree online. Online colleges are geared for flexibility, so those with full-time jobs and families can still pursue their education.

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